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9 Tips To Help You Get The Airbnb Stay That You Want

By , 1 October 2016

To help first-time Airbnb users make the most out of their stay, check out these nifty tips to help you ge the Airbnb rental that you want.

Travelling To Asia For Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

By , 29 September 2016

With stark differences in culture, climate and time zones, it’s not exactly business as usual if you’re new to Asia.

Why Are First Class Plane Tickets So Much More Expensive?

By , 24 September 2016

The full fare for first class plane tickets are often so disproportionately exorbitant that it's hard to believe it costs that much to provide.

13 Hottest New Dishes in Bangkok You Should Be Eating Instead Of Tom Yam

By , 3 September 2016

Lay off the tom yam goong and venture into the finer side of Bangkok’s culinary scene.

8 Beautiful Women-Friendly Beaches (& Beach Parties) In Thailand

By , 29 August 2016

Here are 8 women-friendly beaches in Thailand that are away from the sex scene and are both safe and friendly for women.

Can You Do This? The One Small Bag Travel Challenge

By , 27 August 2016

Travel Fashion Girl gave us a new meaning of "travelling light" by going luggage free and packing one week's worth of summer vacation in one small carry on.

Understanding The Stunning Art Of Thailand’s Temples, Mosques & Churches

By , 22 August 2016

Learn a little about religious art in Thailand before you go.

8 Dishes You Must Try When In Penang, Malaysia

By , 8 August 2016

You can't leave Penang without sampling the food! Here's a list of the must-try's on the Pearl of Orient.

5 Unforgettable Side Trips To Do From Muscat

By , 4 August 2016

Unbeknownst to many, Oman has plenty to offer and any trip there will definitely be an unforgettable one.