Zafigo is all about empowering women to live their best lives.

Born from a love for travel in 2014, our name was coined from, “Safely, I go.” We have since grown into a safe space and global community for women with the aim to nurture a love for discovery!

Welcome to our Zafigo community, a community that inspires, encourages, and empowers women to explore the world on their own or with friends. I hope this finds you all safe and well. It seems incredible how far we’ve come since we began in 2014. Not only have we developed our website to provide you with as much information on the many places to go and how to get there but we’ve also adapted ourselves to the ‘new normal’ that we are all facing today.

While we wait for the travel and tourism industry to recover, we at Zafigo aim to keep your holiday dreams alive with stories and tips to inspire you and suggestions for ways to discover your own country. We also have plans for some exciting events to connect with the Zafigo community, They’ll be fun and informative, and hopefully a great way to meet other women with the same travel dreams as you.

Thank you again for joining us. See you soon!

What We Do

When we’re not busy seeking new experiences and travelling the world, we’re here writing about it.

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There’s never a dull moment at Zafigo. We have thousands of articles covering everything from travel news and city guides to inspirational interviews and lifestyle features.


We love throwing parties! From casual gatherings on ChickChat to weekend-long ZafigoX events, Hello Zafigo online sessions, and workshops. There’s always something happening at Zafigo.


We’re more than just adventure seekers, we’re knowledge seekers too! BRB Busy Reading Books is a podcast hosted by Marina Mahathir that explores the world through books.

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Meet the Team

Emma Mallaburn

A mother of two, Emma is an avid lover of movies, Korean bbq and lululemon. Her favourite form of exercise is CrossFit, and couldn’t live without sunscreen as part of her skincare regime.
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Life has a funny way of taking you places; one such place it’s taken me to is Zafigo. After a short hiatus from publishing, I was excited to find myself in the industry once more. This time, it’s with a group of talented, passionate, and creative individuals. As a team, we believe that travel should be a source of inspiration and connection for all, and through our stories, we hope to encourage readers to pursue their own adventures and make meaningful connections. 

River Huei

Sub-Editor/SEO Specialist
(they/them) A pawrent to two cats and an introvert. Part of the UBI (Useless Bits of Information) brain club, inspiration usually strikes when they're in the shower, on the toilet bowl, or during commutes.
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Xin Xin Lee

Head of Design
Xin loves cats to bits although she’s allergic to them. She’s fond of travelling, trying local food, and experiencing different cultures.
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Maggie De souza

Brand Experience Manager
As a homebody, Maggie likes curling up on the couch with her furbabies and watching TV while sipping on a nice, warm cup of green tea.
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Teresa Rodrigues

Social Media Lead
Teresa’s a full-time mama to Tofu, a rescue cat, and yoga practitioner. Loves hearty home-meals, and ice-cream over cake!

Fiona Thong

Sales & Marketing Lead
A cat lover, she's also a spin (indoor cycling) enthusiast whose life motto is to live to eat, not eat to live.

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