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Nafisa was born with a curiosity streak that often makes her wander and wonder to and about places she would never have been to. Travelling, zumba and coffee keep her happy along with a good fiction novel.

10 Must-Have Travel Apps That Make Travelling Easier And Safer

By ,, 5 August 2022

Can't travel without consulting your personal assistants - Mr. Smartphone, Ms. Wi-Fi and the very handsome Mr. Google? These apps ought to change that.

How To Not Burn A Hole In Your Wallet When Travelling To Oslo, Norway

By , 5 November 2019

Even Norwegians agree that they live in an extremely stunning yet exorbitantly expensive country. Does this mean that you’d have to wait until you make tonnes of money to travel to Oslo? Fortunately...

Keeping Safe While Travelling In Malaysia – Who To Reach Out To

By , 27 February 2019

In Malaysia 50 per cent of people agree that reports of sexual harassment are generally ignored.

Why South Korea’s Jeju Island Needs To Be On Your Travel List

By , 11 February 2019

South Korea’s Jeju Island (also called Cheju-do) is gaining popularity among travellers worldwide.

The Ugly Side Of Travelling

By , 6 February 2019

The worst travel experiences come not in the form of itinerary mishaps, but in the form of unpleasant human interactions.

5 Last-Minute Kuala Lumpur NYE Party Ideas

By , 17 December 2018

Did you forget to plan your big NYE party midst the December blitz? Maybe our KL new year's eve party ideas can help you out.

Travel Talk: Navigating The Forests Of Sabah With Amalina Davis

By , 26 November 2018

We talk to Yayasan Sim Darby Scholar Amalina Davis who just spent a month at Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Sabah studying the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest.

7 Not-To-Be-Missed Performances At KLIAF 2018

By , 3 September 2018

The Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2018 (KLIAF) is back from 1-30 September.

Travel Talk: Claire Sancelot On Reducing Carbon Footprint When Travelling

By , 13 August 2018

Determined to make a change, Claire Sancelot adopted a zero waste lifestyle in 2010 and started the #zerowastemovement.

Why Kashmir Needs To Be On Your Travel Bucket List

By , 9 August 2018

Here’s exactly why Kashmir needs to still be on your travel list.