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How To Become A Travel Blogger (And What It’s Really Like)

By , 2 February 2017

Yes, it’s the “dream job”, but it’s still a job.

4 Travelling Grandmas Who Are More Adventurous Than You

By , 26 January 2017

These grandmothers and great-grandmothers are proof that age is just a number.

This Guy Knits Sweaters Of His Bucket List And It’s Glorious

By , 14 January 2017

Some people enjoy collecting fridge magnets, some collects postcards, Sam collects sweaters.

AirAsia VS Singapore Airlines Mannequin Challenge: Who Did It Better?

By , 23 November 2016

The Mannequin Challenge, an internet trend where a group of people remain frozen in action like a mannequin while a video of them is recorded has gone viral and airlines around the world are jumping o...

Living My Late Father’s Dream Of Riding Sabah’s Old Trains

By , 15 November 2016

As a teen, Juana's father told her about Sabah's steam engine trains which he wanted to journey on someday but unfortunately never got the chance to. She decided to carry out his wish when the opportu...

14 Winning Photos Of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

By , 12 November 2016

The British Wildlife Photography Awards announced the winners of its annual photo contest, showcasing the beauty and diversity of animal life in Britain.

22 Stunning Photos From The ‘2016 It’s Amazing Out There’ Contest

By , 5 November 2016

Nature, adventure and weather photos from the contest's top winners and few of our own personal favourites.

What The Best Airplane Meals Around The World Look Like

By , 24 October 2016

Taking you around the world in 18 airplane meals.

Dear Female Travellers, Please Never Forget These 10 Costly Mistakes

By , 15 October 2016

Safety tips for women travellers that'll put them in the right direction of travelling safer and smarter.

Truth Bomb: How To Travel Without Going Broke

By , 6 October 2016

Travelling is a fulfilling and enjoying experience, but being broke isn’t.