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5 Island Getaways Around Malaysia

By , 13 October 2017

Dreaming of a white sand beach adventure? Even if you can’t wander past Malaysia’s borders, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Top 5 Airbnb In Malaysia For Under RM200

By , 3 July 2017

If you look hard enough, you will stumble upon accommodations offering more than just the basic necessities of a bed and bathroom.

4 Destinations That Are Real Life Fairy-Tales

By , 14 June 2017

You're going to want to dd these to your bucket list because they look straight out of a story book!

4 Dreamy Resorts Around The World For A Luxurious Getaway

By , 1 August 2016

These luxury health-conscious destinations may just be what you're after.

The One Thing You Must Eat In These Taiwanese Towns

By , 12 June 2016

What’s in a name? Everything, especially when you’re in Taiwan.

How To Keep Fit While Holidaying

By , 14 May 2016

Something to keep in mind for the next long-weekend holiday!

8 Best Weekend Staycations In Kuala Lumpur

By , 16 April 2016

Want to be surrounded by nature, or a charming city hotel? Here are the best places for a short getaway.