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Zafigo is dedicated to the woman traveller, offering tips, guides and insights to make travel – be it for work or leisure – better, safer and more interesting. Focusing on selected cities in Asia and the Middle East, we also serve as a platform and community for women to share their experiences and knowledge with fellow travellers.

6 Wireless Earphones & Headphones We Use That Are Perfect For Travel

By ,, 26 January 2023

We personally use these wireless earphones and headphones! They're great for travel and handy to have when we're on the go.

Snapshots: Bangkok’s Best Inner City Bites

By , 4 January 2023

What do you eat when in Bangkok, one of Asia’s food capitals? Short answer: Everything!

13 Authentic Christmas Experiences Around The World

By ,, 20 December 2022

From New York to Saltzburg, check out some of the world’s most authentic Christmas experiences.

Team Picks: True Crime Shows, Documentaries & Films

By ,, 28 October 2022

What is scarier than ghosts and goblins? The answer is people. These true crime shows, documentaries, and films on our list will have you quivering with fear.

Carbon Footprint Quiz: Are You Making Good Climate Choices?

By ,, 21 September 2022

Is your lifestyle good or bad for the environment? Find out in our quiz whether or not you’re a carbon criminal.

The Comfort Of Your Own Skin With Nalisa Alia Amin

By , 18 August 2022

Nalisa Alia Amin speaks to Zafigo about her early struggles with body image and her journey not just to self-acceptance, but to be a role model as well.

A Slice Of Happiness With Arieni Ritzal, Founder Of Gula Cakery

By , 13 July 2022

In probably our sweetest Chick Chat to date, we speak to self-made entrepreneur and founder of Gula Cakery, Arieni Ritzal, who built her own dessert empire from the ground up.

You Glow Girl! A Women’s Health Event Hosted By Marina Mahathir

By , 10 June 2022

We’re excited to host our first ever wellness event and we’d like to invite you to join Marina Mahathir and the Zafigo team this 25 June (Saturday) for a morning of wellness.

Hello Zafigo Session #18 | Downtown KL: A Walk Through History

By , 8 June 2022

We’re speaking to award-winning tour guide, Jane Rai, about her passion and how she is doing her part to keep Downtown KL's heritage and culture alive — one tour at a time.

Why IV Therapy Should Be A Pre-Travel Must-Do

By , 25 May 2022

Quickly becoming one of the best ways to feel rejuvenated, IV therapy is an absolute must-do before a trip away.