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Ready, Set, Climb! How To Conquer Mount Kinabalu As An Asian Woman

By , 13 September 2021

A novice hiker, but keen to conquer Malaysia’s highest mountain? Here’s how to get ready to hike up Sabah’s Mount Kinabalu.

6 Ways To Normalise Solo Travel For Asian Women

By , 9 September 2021

Keen on travelling solo but often dissuaded? Here’s how to inspire others — and yourself — to go for it.

10 Of Asia’s Most Stunning Train Trips

By , 6 September 2021

If stunning panoramic landscapes of untamed nature is what you so desire once restrictions lift, then consider hopping aboard one of Asia’s 10 most scenic train journeys.

6 Super Simple Money Saving Tips

By , 1 September 2021

With the average Malaysian’s salary falling for the first time since 2010, people have had to give up luxuries like travel to make ends meet. But even though we need to be careful with our money now...

#CutiCutiMalaysia: 7 Cool Things To Do Once Interstate Borders Open

By , 10 August 2021

From glamping in a glass treehouse to sipping cocktails at a speakeasy bar, add these seven bucket list-worthy activities (and their breathtaking venues) into your local travel checklist.

6 Ideas To Help You Travel The World — Student Edition

By , 6 August 2021

Your student years are the best time to travel — you have little to no commitments and nothing holding you back. Travelling’s also a chance to meet new people who could change your destiny forever...

Spot The Difference: 3 Ways To Identify Real Batik

By , 2 August 2021

Learn to distinguish between real and fake batik in these three ways lest you fall for a dupe! Yes, it happens. (All photos courtesy of Batik Boutique) Subscribe to our new Telegram channel for the ...

Mental Health: What To Do When Someone Reaches Out

By , 14 July 2021

Times are hard, and the pandemic has contributed to the need for better mental health services. But before someone runs to a professional, they’re likely to turn to someone they’re close to first ...

Tried, Tested, and Zafigo Approved: Our Women’s Health Month Favourites

By , 17 June 2021

What’s our verdict on these brands we featured for Women's Health Month? Let’s just say that we emerged feeling happier, well-rested, and had peace of mind using these products and services!

Tinder vs. Bumble: Which Is The Better Online Dating App For Women?

By , 14 June 2021

Having used these apps ourselves, we weigh out which online dating service is safer and places decision-making into a woman’s hands.