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The Go Bag: All You Need In A Flood Emergency Kit

By , 13 January 2022

In times of an emergency, a ‘Go Bag’ will most certainly come in handy. Include these items in your emergency kit in case of a flood or any natural disaster.

Tips For The Perfect Weekend Break

By , 17 December 2021

No time for a long holiday? A quick weekend break may be just what you need to relax and reset. Whether it’s a sight-seeing city excursion or romantic log cabin getaway, here’s what you need to do...

Purr-fect: 8 Pet-Friendly Hotels In Malaysia

By , 26 November 2021

From plush 5-star hotels to campsite properties, these equally-wonderful accommodations all have on thing in common: they’re happy to have your fur babies over! Here are places to travel to with you...

Reduce & Reuse: 7 Places To Rehome Your Unwanted Clothes To

By , 22 November 2021

Is it that time of the year to spring clean your closet and be rid of unwanted clothes? You’ll want to bookmark these recycling places that will rehome your clothes.

How To Stop Thinking About Work While On Holiday

By , 25 October 2021

DND! All work and no play makes for a very stressful vacation. Here’s how to leave your work hat at the office, so you can relax and unwind to your fullest potential.

Life In The Unvaxxed Lane: How To Travel Safer With Kids

By , 20 October 2021

The world’s adult population is on a fast track to being fully inoculated against COVID-19, and so are teenagers, but what about kids who are 12 and below? How can we travel with kids and still have...

Essential Tips For Women Trekking In Taman Negara, Malaysia

By , 13 October 2021

Planning on your first outing to Taman Negara since forever and three lockdowns ago? Below are some useful tips to keep handy and may help make your trekking trip more enjoyable but safe!

How To Live Your Best Life As A Digital Nomad

By , 12 October 2021

Live and let live, right? Well, not always. When you’re a digital nomad, to live your best life, you’ve got to be a considerate traveller.

Mindful Movement: Bedtime Ritual With Grounding Yoga

By , 11 October 2021

Got your candles, face mask, and soothing tunes? Well, here are six yoga moves to add to your bedtime routine — we promise they’ll help you sleep better and easier.

World Mental Health Day: Tips To Overcome Post-COVID-19 Anxiety

By , 10 October 2021

Malaysia’s population is almost at the rate of being 100% fully inoculated against COVID-19, and the economy is slowly opening up, but is ‘going back to normal’ as easy as it seems? Many are fac...