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7 Reef-Safe Sunscreens For Your Beach Travels

By , 14 June 2022

Scientific research shows that sunscreen contributes to the killing of coral reefs, so it's always best to opt for eco-friendly sunscreens for your beach travels (and everyday use).

Indo Eats: Where To Find The Best Indonesian Food In The Klang Valley

By , 10 June 2022

Dig into some of the most flavourful dishes you’ve ever had at any one of these Indonesian restaurants dotted throughout the Klang Valley.

Bonding Time: 8 Classes For Adults & Kids To Enjoy Around The Klang Valley

By , 10 June 2022

There’s more to do with your children than just going to the mall. We have found some classes all over the Klang Valley that are suitable for both adults and kids for a jolly good time!

7 Most Stunning Islands To Visit In The Philippines

By , 7 June 2022

The Philippine Archipelago will have you tickled pink with its sheer wonder, beauty, and diversity.

8 Must-Try Street Foods In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 2 June 2022

Dining fads fizzle in and out, but street food never seems to go out of style. Dive into a world of mad flavour, one bite at a time, in Downtown Kuala Lumpur!

Where To Kayak, Paddleboard, & More In The Klang Valley

By , 24 May 2022

Living in a tropical country calls for a smorgasbord of fun things to do in the Klang Valley like kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.

8 Child-Free Romantic Holiday Destinations

By , 19 May 2022

While kids are cute and fun to have around, a child-free romantic holiday destination is exactly what adults need from time to time.

Tropical Wildlife: Survival Guide To Bites, Stings, & More

By , 17 May 2022

While nature may be beautiful, it is still wild. Hence why this survival guide to bites, stings, and more is something you should keep handy.

Baecation: The Ultimate Couples Getaway Spots In Malaysia

By , 16 May 2022

Sometimes, all you need is a getaway with your ride or die to recharge. A couple's spa treatment, bike tours, and cooking classes, this list has it all.

Old Is Gold: 7 Heritage Eats In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 5 May 2022

These seven heritage eats in Downtown Kuala Lumpur have withstood the test of time and are indeed what makes the Malaysian food scene one of the best in the world.