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The 9 Best Izakaya Spots To Hit Up In Malaysia

By , 24 November 2021

Izakayas are found all over Japan and known for their informal dining style, where you can enjoy quick bites and alcoholic beverages for a relaxed meal after work. This comprehensive guide will lead y...

Flying When Masking: Skincare Tips From Malaysian Beauty Experts

By , 18 November 2021

These fuss-free skincare tips backed by Malaysian skincare experts are sure to help your skin stay healthy when flying while masking.

Rest, Reset, & Recharge: Escape To Malaysia’s Most Peaceful & Sustainable Destinations

By , 17 November 2021

This World Peace Day, we encourage you to take the time to work on regaining your own peace by escaping to some of Malaysia’s most serene and sustainable destinations.

#BoujieTapiBajet: How To Travel Malaysia In Style Without Breaking The Bank

By , 27 October 2021

Every now and then, it’s nice to indulge in a little bit of luxury. But how do you do that while still keeping to a budget? Listed are four beautiful places in Malaysia that will have you planning y...

3 Ways To Discover Malaysia Without Flying

By , 19 October 2021

Now that Malaysians can travel again, booking a flight with the imposed SOPs can be a little intimidating. Here are a few ways you can (re)discover Malaysia without having to step onto a plane.

Advocate For Movement: The One Piece Of Travel Advice You’ll Ever Need

By , 5 October 2021

I've learned to separate my selfish travels from my conscious ones. Not that there is a right or wrong way to travel. But the older I've gotten, the more I crave life-changing journeys.