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The Quaint Delight That Is Ipoh

By , 17 July 2015

Here’s the thing about Ipoh: if you’re looking for hustle and bustle, you won’t find it there. Which is precisely why a day trip to Ipoh is a perfect respite to the mad frenetic pace of Kuala Lu...

How To Make Friends In A New City When Travelling Solo

By , 10 July 2015

As a solo traveller, one of my priorities when I land in a new destination is to get out and make some friends.

10 unconventional ways to deal with fear of flying

By , 6 July 2015

Love travel but hate flying? You're not the only one. Fear of flying is a common phobia among air travellers. The good news is there are many methods and...

5 Essential Life Skills Every Traveller Should Learn

By , 3 July 2015

Many travellers share how travelling has taught them this and that, how they've become better at adapting to new environment, how they've learnt to...

Travel Essentials: Your Health Kit Checklist

By , 25 June 2015

Travelling abroad? Whether you're headed for a two-month long trip or a three-day getaway, travellers should always take precautionary measures

21 game-changing hacks for all travellers

By , 18 June 2015

Travel does not have to be complicated but sometimes even the most seasoned jetsetter can't avoid the hassles and annoyances of frequent travel. Making things simple for everyone (including us!), Hass...

What New Moms Need To Know About Travelling With Your Baby

By , 15 June 2015

Armed with these tips and tricks, you can plan the next trip, pack away and have a fab time exploring the world with your little one!

Top 8 Things To Do When You Arrive At KL Sentral

By , 11 June 2015

A central location for various modes of transit, KL Sentral has undergone a transformation of sorts in the last few years. The busy hub now attracts travellers and locals alike, is attached to a shiny...

7 Tips On How To Survive KL As A Travelling Musician

By , 27 May 2015

You're a travelling musician hungry for new experiences, a new scene and a fresh audience. So why choose Malaysia? Well on a short visit last year, I was fortunate to discover that there is indeed a h...

Tips To Consider When Booking Flights

By , 25 May 2015

Follow these tips from World of Wanderlust and you'll never be broke before your trip again!