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The best tips for a fitter holiday

By , 11 May 2015

When we travel, there's a huge possibility that our normal fitness routines will be put on hold; our daily schedules change and even the everyday food that we are accustomed to will be different - for...

8 Things To Pack For The Minimalist Woman Traveller

By , 8 May 2015

Let's face it - packing for trips can be stressful. That is why many put it off until the very last minute only to regret it later.

10 Easy Ways To Stay Safe On Public Transportation

By , 6 May 2015

After a string of unsavoury experiences, I’ve learned that public transportation really comes with its warnings.

Tips For Safe Eating While Travelling

By , 5 May 2015

Sampling the local food is a highlight for many travellers, but while the mind may be game, your body will not always be cooperative. Afterall, it is your belly that will be in distress after consumin...

Kuala Lumpur: The Quick & Dirty Guide To Getting And Staying Connected

By , 29 April 2015

When you’re travelling for work, easy access to the Internet is essential. How do you do that in Kuala Lumpur?

Getting By Without Foreign Language Skills

By , 23 April 2015

It can get intimidating being in a foreign place with no one speaking the same language as you. But it shouldn't hinder you from wanting to see the world.

7 Tips To Make Travelling In Any Country Where Language Is A Problem Easier

By , 22 April 2015

Yes, language barrier can be daunting, but sometimes it’s better to be lost in translation than sitting at home admiring at your friend’s travel photos on Facebook.

Traits of highly successful travellers

By , 16 April 2015

It's how you handle situations on the road that determines what kind of traveller you are.

Travelling With Toiletries: A Quick Guide To Packing Smart

By , 6 April 2015

When it comes to creature comforts, I would list toiletries as essential companions wherever I go.

The Most Important Thing To Pack As A Single Female Traveller

By , 3 April 2015

No Miss Nice or Miss Trusting when you are in a foreign land alone. If you have been known to be an overly trusting person, stop that. If you are a helpless naive, maybe solo travel isn’t for you.