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A mother of two, Emma is an avid lover of movies, Korean bbq and lululemon. Her favourite form of exercise is CrossFit, and couldn’t live without sunscreen as part of her skincare regime.

Visual Guide: The Most Beautiful Over-The-Top Hotels In The World

By , 29 May 2023

From hotels in the desert to an iconic landmark in New York City, you’ll enjoy our visual guide tour of some of the most beautiful, over-the-top hotels in the world.

Jin Gastrobar: A Trendy Spot In Aurum Theatre, The Gardens Mall

By , 24 May 2023

In Aurum Theatre at The Gardens Mall, Jin Gastrobar is a trendy spot serving up light snacks, gourmet meals, refreshing cocktails, and a setting perfect for a special date or post-work wind-down.

El Niño Southeast Asia: Tips On Staying Safe During A Heat Wave

By , 18 May 2023

The current heatwave affecting numerous Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines, has prompted us to share some tips to ensure your safety during this warm spell. ...

8 Health Issues Malaysian Women Face & Ways To Prevent Them

By ,, 16 May 2023

For Women's Health Month, we explore some of the most significant health issues Malaysian women face and the preventive measures you can take.

Breaking The Mold: The Joys And Challenges Of Being A Non-Traditional Mum

By , 12 May 2023

In this op-ed piece, our Sub-Editor discusses the positive aspects and difficulties of being a non-traditional parent in today's fast-paced, modern society.

Bad Mums Of KL: How To Have A (Somewhat) Kid-Free Mother’s Day

By ,, 12 May 2023

Screw the card and flowers – what mums really want on Mother’s Day is either a nap or a day out... by ourselves!

Spa Guide: Klang Valley’s Best Urban Retreats For Self-Care

By , 5 May 2023

We’ve done all the hard work and scoured some of the best spa locations within the Klang Valley for you to treat yourself to some well deserved self-care time.

The Maldives: What’s The Big Deal?

By , 25 April 2023

Our Sub-Editor pens down her thoughts on why, even though it’s a stunning destination, the Maldives may not be worth all the hype (and hard-earned cash).

Pasta Perfect: Kuala Lumpur’s Best Spots For The Freshest Pastas

By , 20 April 2023

These restaurants on our list are the perfect places to go if you’re searching for freshly made pasta.

How To Have A Low-Key Hari Raya Or Eid Celebration

By , 17 April 2023

Sedondon season is here, and if you’ve enjoyed the relative quietude of the last few years, here are some low-key ways to celebrate Hari Raya or Eid.