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Mei Mei writes to afford her wanderlust. Her (mis)adventures as a solo female backpacker have shown her the best and worst in mankind, and some of the funkiest toilets in the world. Read her honest travel stories at www.meimeichu.com.

2016 Has Been A Painfully Damaging Year For The Great Barrier Reef

By , 29 October 2016

Scientists have recently returned to the oceans to reassess the reef health six months after the heatwave. They have bad news.

These Are The Most Generous Countries In The World

By , 27 October 2016

It goes to show you don't need to own a lot to be generous.

Another Win For Perak In Lonely Planet’s Top Regions To Travel For 2017

By , 26 October 2016

Perak hits all the right notes for Lonely Planet once again.

What The Best Airplane Meals Around The World Look Like

By , 24 October 2016

Taking you around the world in 18 airplane meals.

5 Great Kuching Cafes Along The Main Tourist Area

By , 19 October 2016

Spots along Carpenter Street to the Waterfront that make great pitstops.

TripAdvisor Will Stop Selling Tours That Allow Tourists To Touch Wild Animals

By , 16 October 2016

Hundreds of animal attractions where tourists come into physical contact with captive wild animals or endangered species will no longer be bookable on TripAdvisor or Viator.

Dear Female Travellers, Please Never Forget These 10 Costly Mistakes

By , 15 October 2016

Safety tips for women travellers that'll put them in the right direction of travelling safer and smarter.

Flying While Muslim: What It’s Like For Muslims To Travel Right Now

By , 8 October 2016

Post 9/11, the expression ‘flying while Muslim’ or ‘Muslim while flying’ has been so widely used that it has its own Wiki page.

Truth Bomb: How To Travel Without Going Broke

By , 6 October 2016

Travelling is a fulfilling and enjoying experience, but being broke isn’t.

Malaysians Are More Afraid of Shark Attacks Than Drowning & Other Facts

By , 5 October 2016

Expedia.com.my® 2016 Flip Flop Report discovers not only the preferences of Malaysian beach lovers but our quirky nature too.