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Mei Mei writes to afford her wanderlust. Her (mis)adventures as a solo female backpacker have shown her the best and worst in mankind, and some of the funkiest toilets in the world. Read her honest travel stories at www.meimeichu.com.

Malaysian Ringgit No Longer Accepted By Money Changers In Thailand?

By , 2 December 2016

Several Malaysians travelling in Thailand during the end of November reported that Thai money changers are no longer accepting the Malaysian currency.

The 10 Most Inspirational Cities Of 2016

By , 30 November 2016

TravelBird has released the 2016 Inspiring Cities Ranking offering a comprehensive ranking of some of the world’s most inspirational cities.

AirAsia VS Singapore Airlines Mannequin Challenge: Who Did It Better?

By , 23 November 2016

The Mannequin Challenge, an internet trend where a group of people remain frozen in action like a mannequin while a video of them is recorded has gone viral and airlines around the world are jumping o...

Check-ins: The Westin, Singapore

By , 16 November 2016

Rarely do you find a hotel that not only provides guests with creature comforts but also takes great pride in boosting the guests’ health and well-being.

Melaka Turns Artsy This Nov For Upcoming Arts & Performance Festival

By , 12 November 2016

MAPFest 2016 Features On-Tour Global Art Installations this November.

Why It’s A Very Bad Time To Visit Delhi Right Now

By , 11 November 2016

Delhi, the capital city of India, is the world’s most polluted city on Earth right now.

Aircraft, Bus & Caves: 10 Unusual Yet Lovely Airbnbs You Can Book Now

By , 10 November 2016

You won’t find any of these weird but wonderful Airbnb rentals under big hotel groups.

This Secret Code Word Poster In Bar Toilets Helps Women Escape Sexual Assault

By , 5 November 2016

Bars and other social areas in Lincolnshire put up this poster in the women’s toilets offering them help to get out of dates that they feel unsafe in.

Amazing Race Asia Malaysian Teams Reveal What’s In Their Backpacks

By , 4 November 2016

What exactly does one pack for a race around the world? We got the teams to unzip their backpacks and let us have a peek.

6 Successful Startup Founders Share How Travel Made Them Better Entrepreneurs

By , 3 November 2016

Can travelling make you a more better entrepreneur? We ask Malaysia's top entrepreneurs to see if travelling contributed to the success of their start ups.