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The World’s Most Loved And Hated Airlines According To TripAdvisor

By , 27 July 2016

Had a bad flight? Now you can tell TripAdvisor.

How To Travel The World Using Pokemon Go?

By , 26 July 2016

As it turns out, Pokemon Go is secretly a brilliant travel app.

If You Like Ghostbusters, You’ll Like Sunway Lagoon’s New Scream Park

By , 15 July 2016

Sunway Lagoon’s Lynton V. Harris Scream Park unveiled the first Ghostbusters attraction of its kind in the world

KL-Based Touristly Starts Online Hotel Concierge Service With Tune Hotels

By , 14 July 2016

How do you fancy an online hotel concierge service?

How Will Brexit Affect Your UK And Europe Travel Plans?

By , 30 June 2016

Six questions about how Brexit affects you as a traveller answered.

Exploring Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors: 6 Places To See

By , 23 June 2016

The next time you’re in Hong Kong, take a break from the hustle and bustle and explore the other side of Asia’s World City.

The Latest Glamping Site In Bali Looks Too Cozy To Resist

By , 14 June 2016

The glamping trend has hit the shores of Bali!

Airports In China Now Have Women-Only Security Lines. Good Idea?

By , 25 May 2016

The checkpoints can be identified by bright pink signs written in English and Mandarin.

You’re Not Allowed To Visit Thailand’s Koh Tachai Anymore, Here’s Why

By , 19 May 2016

When all the islands in Similan re-open in mid-October, Koh Tachai will remain closed indefinitely.

Hong Kong Airlines Launches New Direct Flight Service to Kuching

By , 10 May 2016

This will be Hong Kong Airline's first direct service to Malaysia.