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TripAdvisor Will Stop Selling Tours That Allow Tourists To Touch Wild Animals

By , 16 October 2016

Hundreds of animal attractions where tourists come into physical contact with captive wild animals or endangered species will no longer be bookable on TripAdvisor or Viator.

Flying While Muslim: What It’s Like For Muslims To Travel Right Now

By , 8 October 2016

Post 9/11, the expression ‘flying while Muslim’ or ‘Muslim while flying’ has been so widely used that it has its own Wiki page.

Malaysians Are More Afraid of Shark Attacks Than Drowning & Other Facts

By , 5 October 2016® 2016 Flip Flop Report discovers not only the preferences of Malaysian beach lovers but our quirky nature too.

Meet One Of The Youngest Airline Captain In The World, Captain Kate McWilliams

By , 30 September 2016

Kate McWilliams started flying when she was 13.

Top 10 Most Powerful Passports In The World For 2016

By , 22 September 2016

Not all passports are made the same; how powerful is yours?

Airlines Worldwide Are Banning The Use Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

By , 17 September 2016

If you're flying, you might want to leave your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at home.

English Teacher On Holiday Falls Off Cliff In Attempt To Escape Rape In Krabi

By , 15 September 2016

Hannah Gavios, 23, asked a local man for directions back to her hotel. The man had offered to walk her back but midway grabbed her and tried to take her clothes off.

The 10 Cheapest & Most Expensive Countries To Fly

By , 12 September 2016

An online travel agency searched over 1 million international and domestic flights around the world to find the countries that offers the cheapest flights.

Muslim Travellers, There Is Now A Halal Food Guide To New Zealand

By , 8 September 2016

The New Zealand Halal Food Guide makes travelling easier for Muslim tourists.

Don’t Wear Skirts To Stay Safe, Says India’s Tourism Minister To Tourists

By , 5 September 2016

The Indian Tourism Minister's advice to women travellers has prompted wide criticism about the nation’s culture of victim blaming.