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Whiskey drinker. Whimsy finder. Word writer. Sue May is a fan of big words and arcane definitions. Fascinated with stories, this honorary Geordie enjoys stumbling down well-trodden paths, roads less travelled by, and meeting new people. (Sometimes she writes about them.)

8 Ways To Keep Germ-Free When Flying To Your Next Destination

By , 23 September 2022

With these germ-avoiding tips, you should be able to stay happy, healthy, and satiate your wanderlust safely!

13 Eats In TTDI For Your Next Gastronomic Adventure

By , 15 September 2022

Whether you know it as Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Taman Tun, or TTDI, this is where your next gastronomical adventure in Kuala Lumpur lies.

Gerai Grub! 10 Best Stalls For Iconic Street Eats In The Klang Valley

By , 22 August 2022

Kuala Lumpur’s streets are laden with colourful and popular stalls with aromatic smells often overtaking the senses. If you’re wary of following your nose around, here are some of the best stalls ...

Where To Head To For A Laugh In Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya

By , 19 August 2022

From satire to improv, laugh out loud at the comedy shows on these stages around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To London, England

By ,, 5 August 2022

London - a city of iconic images: black taxis, Tower Bridge, double-decker buses, and of course, Mary Poppins!

Bangsar Bites: The Best Eats From Around The World

By , 26 July 2022

From majestic meats to teatime treats, take your tastebuds on a culinary journey worldwide without even leaving Kuala Lumpur. Just eat your way through Bangsar!

Boujie Bites: 9 Restaurants For Upscale Dining In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 22 July 2022

Looking for a spot in Downtown Kuala Lumpur to celebrate a special occasion, catch up with your long-lost girlfriends, or have a stunning dinner date?

Shopping Discoveries In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 1 July 2022

Your ultimate guide to hitting your step count in Downtown Kuala Lumpur for every type of shopper.

Get Your Groove On At These 9 Resto-Bars In The Klang Valley With Live Music

By , 21 June 2022

The thought of quality live music for your dinner dates has never sounded so good, and you can have precisely that at any of these nine resto-bars in the Klang Valley.

Go Green For Your Monthly Red: 9 Local Period Products To Support

By , 31 May 2022

While you can't escape your monthly red entirely, you can undoubtedly go green and at the same time support these nine local brands during that time of the month.