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Team Picks: Last-Minute Gifting Ideas For The Festive Season

By , 11 December 2021

Scrambling to think of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas? Here’s a little inspiration from #TeamZafigo for quick, easy, but thoughtful gifts for the festive season.

12 View-Worthy Hotel Bathtubs In Kuala Lumpur For A Soak Me Up

By , 9 December 2021

Have tub, will enjoy the view. Soak your sorrows away in these KL hotel tubs with IG-worthy views as their backdrop.

Hiking At 72 Selangor Forest Reserves Temporarily Banned

By , 3 December 2021

Sudden announcement on entry ban into Selangor forest reserves by Selangor Forestry Department have left outdoor lovers bummed.

Practical Tips For Young Girls To Confidently Address Violations

By , 2 December 2021

Sisters in Islam urge authorities for clearer regulations to put an end to period spot checks and make schools a safer place. SIS also gives practical tips for young girls to address violations.

20 Cafes In Downtown Kuala Lumpur For Your Cafe-Hopping Day Trip

By , 28 November 2021

Café-hopping remains all the rage, and they’ve not stopped popping up everywhere. So, if you’re looking to spend a day in downtown Kuala Lumpur for some cafe-hopping, here are 20 for you to check...

18 Asia-based Films & TV Shows To Stream Right Now

By , 25 November 2021

Looking for something to binge on this coming weekend? Why not stream one of these Asian films and TV shows?

Boozy Bites: 13 Places To Get Your Alcohol-Infused Food Fix

By , 8 November 2021

Alcohol-infused cakes, chocolate truffles, ice creams, spreads, and tea? Say no more! Here’s where to get your alcohol-infused food fix.

Your Guide To Food & Shopping In Bukit Bintang, KL

By , 4 November 2021

A day trip exploring Bukit Bintang’s most recommended food and shopping attractions — all within walking distance from Bukit Bintang MRT station.

How To Stop Thinking About Work While On Holiday

By , 25 October 2021

DND! All work and no play makes for a very stressful vacation. Here’s how to leave your work hat at the office, so you can relax and unwind to your fullest potential.

From Dreamy To Quirky: 16 Bubble Dining Spots To Feast Your Eyes On

By , 21 October 2021

Bubble Dining seems the way forward when it comes to eating out in the time of COVID-19. We’re talking clear geodesic domes, see-through tents, glass greenhouses, you name it! They’re cute, creati...