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(they/them) River is a pawrent to 2 cats and an introvert. Part of the UBI (Useless Bits of Information) brain club, inspiration usually strikes when they're in the shower, on the toilet bowl or during commutes.

The Ultimate Guide To Public Transport In The Klang Valley

By , 12 August 2022

Eager to learn how to take public transport in the Klang Valley but everything seems very confusing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

10 Art Galleries & Museums In Downtown Kuala Lumpur And Beyond

By , 10 August 2022

We bet you didn’t know about these unique museums and galleries in Downtown Kuala Lumpur and beyond. You’ll be amazed by our young artists' talent, vigour, and passion while marvelling at artefact...

Finding Romance In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 5 August 2022

Walking through old Kuala Lumpur, I began to see the history and romance of the past. It’s nice to have these stories from the old times now etched in my memory.

7 Insta-Worthy Cafes In The Klang Valley By Local Design Studios

By , 2 August 2022

If you’ve ever wondered who’s designing the Insta-worthy cafes you’re visiting, here’s your first glimpse into some of the studios behind them. Admire their work, and perhaps take a trip to vi...

Tiffin At The Yard: What To Eat At This Hip & Insta-Worthy Food Haven

By , 25 July 2022

Tiffin At The Yard at Sentul Depot is a literal culinary wonderland for chefs and food enthusiasts alike. What to eat here, you ask? Well, we've rounded up some fascinating ones for you.

Curbside Dining: Klang Valley’s 8 Food Trucks & Stands Worth Hunting Down

By , 13 July 2022

Are you up for a street food hunting adventure? Here’s a challenge for you. These food trucks and stands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to street food trends, and we dare you to try t...

8 Malaysian-Inspired Creative Instagram Accounts Worth Following

By , 8 July 2022

Spruce up your Insta feed with some amazing Malaysian-inspired and super creative Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to tap that follow button!

The Zhongshan Building Guide: A Hangout For Downtown Kuala Lumpur Creatives

By , 1 July 2022

Your ultimate guide to The Zhongshan Building — what to eat, do, see, shop, hear, and learn! From sourdough to cocktails, books to music, or planners to batik, there’s always something around each...

You Glow Girl: A Wander Women Day Of Wellness

By , 30 June 2022

A morning of wellness led by certified health professionals and lots of amazing company. We left with our bodies, minds, and souls rejuvenated.

8 Malaysian Homemade Pet Food & Treat Stores For Your Fur-babies

By , 24 June 2022

This list of Malaysian homemade pet food and treat stores will help you begin your journey in providing only the best for your fur-babies.