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Amy Lewis is a freelance journalist from Ireland currently finding her way around South East Asia. Along with exploring new countries and cultures, she is extremely passionate about nature and spends a lot of her time abroad simply sitting and listening to the birds.

A Tour Of Literary Dublin, Ireland

By , 18 February 2019

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13 Books That Will Kick Your Wanderlust Into High Gear

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How To Pack For A Jungle Adventure

By , 18 October 2018

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Luggage In Limbo: When Your Suitcase Is Lost, Delayed, Or Da...

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A Thrifty Guide To Visiting Dublin, Ireland

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Top Air Travel Tips For Fearful Fliers

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Stopping Animal Cruelty In Its Tracks

By , 6 June 2018

If it involves animal shows and performances, there’s a red flag there right away. Animals should ...