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Hack Your Raya Journey With Waze And PLUS Highway

By ,, 26 April 2022

Selamat Hari Raya! Whether you’re a local preparing to brave the PLUS Highway, or a tourist looking to experience Malaysia in all its festive Eid splendour, you can survive the Raya rush.

NSFW: 10 Shows Not To Watch With Family Or In Office

By , 26 April 2022

Want to avoid those awkward NSFW moments with family? We give you a list of shows to not watch for family movie night.

7 Non-Touristy Activities To Do In Melaka, Malaysia

By ,, 14 April 2022

There is more to Melaka than meets the eye and these non-touristy activities will show you just that.

Cafe Glamping: 6 Camping Themed Cafes in Malaysia

By , 9 April 2022

Fake camping, cafe camping, or cafe glamping—whatever you may call it, this list of camping-themed cafes has got you covered.

In & Around Selangor: 10 Famous Must-Try Banana Leaf Rice Outlets

By ,, 6 April 2022

Everyone has their favourite banana leaf joint. Here are Selangor’s seven most famous and beloved ones.

12 Magical Rainbow-Filled Spots In Malaysia

By ,, 3 April 2022

Our charming country offers nothing short of colourful places that would spruce up your Instagram feed. So, wherever you are in Malaysia, the next time you’re out and about, be sure to check out the...

The World With… Dr Louisa Ponnampalam

By , 23 March 2022

Take a trip down memory lane with Dr Louisa Ponnampalam to explore the places she’s been to and the marine mammal conservation work that she does.

Caves Of Wonder: 8 Malaysian Caverns & Where To Find Them

By , 15 March 2022

Beginners and caving enthusiasts gear up for some adventure, because we have a guide to some amazing caves in Malaysia and where to find them.

Shophouse Charm: A Guide To The Row KL

By , 7 March 2022

The Row — or Asian Heritage Row — sits along Jalan Doraisamy and charms the regular passer-by with coffeehouses, restaurants, and niche retails.

Experience Malaysian Wildlife With These 5 Expeditions

By , 3 March 2022

These Malaysian wildlife cruises and tours will humble you as you experience and admire our country’s unique fauna up close!