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Dine Or Ditch? We Ate At 7 Popular Nasi Lemak Stores So You Don’t Have To

By , 30 September 2022

From curbside stalls to restaurants, no matter where you get your nasi lemak, there’s always that one you’re biased for that you claim tastes better than the rest. This foodie list is proof of tha...

DTKL Then & Now: What Became Of KL’s Brothels, Prisons, & Cinemas?

By , 23 September 2022

Some of these places were once cinemas, brothels, post offices, and… a prison? If you’re wondering what the walls would say if they could talk, you’re welcome to reminisce with us.

These Cream Puffs From 8 Klang Valley Bakers Will Knock Your Chouxs Off!

By , 5 September 2022

Puffy pastry filled with cream — mmm — nothing beats having cream puffs for dessert. If you agree, then this list is a choux fire win for you!

Swelter Weather: 7 Ways To Beat The Kuala Lumpur Heat

By , 2 September 2022

Is the heat getting too hot to handle? Here are some ideas on where to go or what to do to escape the heat and cool down.

QUIZ: How Malaysian are you when you travel?

By ,,, 31 August 2022

This Merdeka Day, find out how much of a Malaysian you are when you travel with this fun little quiz.

8 Local Businesses With Cute & Dreamy Pastel Aesthetics

By , 25 August 2022

The dreamy look is the new black — we take you through some local small businesses that will cater to your pastel and cute aesthetic needs.

The Ultimate Guide To Public Transport In The Klang Valley

By , 12 August 2022

Eager to learn how to take public transport in the Klang Valley but everything seems very confusing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

10 Art Galleries & Museums In Downtown Kuala Lumpur And Beyond

By , 10 August 2022

We bet you didn’t know about these unique museums and galleries in Downtown Kuala Lumpur and beyond. You’ll be amazed by our young artists' talent, vigour, and passion while marvelling at artefact...

Finding Romance In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 5 August 2022

Walking through old Kuala Lumpur, I began to see the history and romance of the past. It’s nice to have these stories from the old times now etched in my memory.

7 Insta-Worthy Cafes In The Klang Valley By Local Design Studios

By , 2 August 2022

If you’ve ever wondered who’s designing the Insta-worthy cafes you’re visiting, here’s your first glimpse into some of the studios behind them. Admire their work, and perhaps take a trip to vi...