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Gearing Up For 2022: 9 Places To Shop For Planners

By , 11 January 2022

We encourage you to gear up for 2022 by gifting yourself a planner! Here’s a list of where you can get planners in Malaysia.

Under The Sea: Malaysia’s Underwater Postboxes

By , 28 December 2021

Attention, diving enthusiasts! Under some diver’s paradises in Malaysia, there are underwater postboxes where you can go diving and mail postcards to your loved ones!

Unique Christmas Traditions In Asia

By ,, 22 December 2021

Around the world, Christmas can hold many different meanings and many different customs are practiced, some not even religious.

Dine In The Sky: Malaysia’s 13 Best Rooftop Restaurants

By ,, 21 December 2021

Feast on good eats, fun drinks, and a great view at one of these 13 rooftop restaurants. They’re the perfect location for when you’re feeling fancy.

The Zafigo Edit: Best Malaysian Destinations For 2022

By , 18 December 2021

Not sure where to go in 2022? Here’s a list of the 10 best local destinations so that you can skip the current COVID-19 hassles of international travel.

Netflix & Travel: Animations For Kids & Adults While On Long-Haul Trips

By , 12 December 2021

Keep yourself and (most importantly) the kids entertained on long-haul trips with these animated films and series on Netflix!

Team Picks: Last-Minute Gifting Ideas For The Festive Season

By , 11 December 2021

Scrambling to think of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas? Here’s a little inspiration from #TeamZafigo for quick, easy, but thoughtful gifts for the festive season.

12 View-Worthy Hotel Bathtubs In Kuala Lumpur For A Soak Me Up

By , 9 December 2021

Have tub, will enjoy the view. Soak your sorrows away in these KL hotel tubs with IG-worthy views as their backdrop.

Hiking At 72 Selangor Forest Reserves Temporarily Banned

By , 3 December 2021

Sudden announcement on entry ban into Selangor forest reserves by Selangor Forestry Department have left outdoor lovers bummed.

Practical Tips For Young Girls To Confidently Address Violations

By , 2 December 2021

Sisters in Islam urge authorities for clearer regulations to put an end to period spot checks and make schools a safer place. SIS also gives practical tips for young girls to address violations.