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8 Quiet Valentine’s Date Ideas for Introverts In KL & Malaysia

By , 30 January 2023

Looking for quiet Valentine’s date ideas that don’t involve forced interaction with strangers? You’ve come to the right place.

6 Wireless Earphones & Headphones We Use That Are Perfect For Travel

By ,, 26 January 2023

We personally use these wireless earphones and headphones! They're great for travel and handy to have when we're on the go.

Open-Ended Toy Stores That Will Elevate Your Child’s Playtime

By ,, 16 January 2023

Looking for open-ended toys to provide your child(ren) with endless play possibilities? Look no further – we’ve compiled this list and done the initial research for you, so let’s dive right in!

Gourmet Cuts: 6 Places To Get Artisanal Meats, Sausages & More

By , 11 January 2023

These homemade sausages and gourmet deli meats will knock your socks off! Best of all, they contain no nasty ingredients.

Early Bird Eats: 8 Cafes That Open For Breakfast In KL

By , 6 January 2023

Good morning! Looking for cafes that open early for breakfast? Look no further than these eight morning nooks in the city.

Winter Wonderland: 13 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Winter Destinations

By ,, 23 December 2022

Come find out if the winter wonderland of your dreams exists in these beautiful winter destinations!

Let It Snow: 7 Shaved Ice Spots In The Klang Valley Worth Visiting

By , 15 December 2022

Time to get in the mood for the brrrr months with these shaved ice spots in and around Kuala Lumpur!

6 Must-Try Local Kopitiam Breakfast Spots In KL & Selangor

By , 8 December 2022

Craving for good toast and eggs to start your day? Perhaps a good bowl of noodles or congee? We’re serving up some of the best local kopitiam breakfast places that’ll hit all the right spots.

A List For Drooling: 12 Fried Foods In Malaysia No One Can Resist

By , 30 November 2022

Move over cat videos, time for Malaysian fried foods to take over your feed! Drooling guaranteed.

Xin Chào: 6 Best Vietnamese Restaurants In KL & Selangor

By , 25 November 2022

Which are the best Vietnamese restaurants in KL and Selangor? Here are some we personally love. Give them a try, and let us know which one tops your list!