Afiqah, or better known as Pyqaboo, is a budget-conscious-organised traveller. She just started her website to share her knowledge and experiences in travelling. Her passion in planning and organising trips for her close friends and family during her free time, subsequently allowed her to travel for less.

8 Tufting Workshops In Penang & Klang Valley For Handcraft Lovers

By , 19 September 2022

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7 Things That Make You A True Malaysian Traveller

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6 Campsites In Sabah For Your Next Outdoorsy Escape

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Moorish Vibes: Where To Go For All Things Moroccan In Malaysia

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7 Of The Quirkiest Cylindrical Stays In Malaysia

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Hilltop Hideaway: An Escape To Sky Villa In Kuala Kubu Bharu

By , 29 July 2022

Our domestic adventures continue despite international borders opening, and our recent one was at the scenic Sky Villa in Kuala Kubu Bharu.