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8 Malaysian-Inspired Creative Instagram Accounts Worth Following

By , 8 July 2022

Spruce up your Insta feed with some amazing Malaysian-inspired and super creative Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to tap that follow button!

The Zhongshan Building Guide: A Hangout For Downtown Kuala Lumpur Creatives

By , 1 July 2022

Your ultimate guide to The Zhongshan Building — what to eat, do, see, shop, hear, and learn! From sourdough to cocktails, books to music, or planners to batik, there’s always something around each...

You Glow Girl: A Wander Women Day Of Wellness

By , 30 June 2022

A morning of wellness led by certified health professionals and lots of amazing company. We left with our bodies, minds, and souls rejuvenated.

8 Malaysian Homemade Pet Food & Treat Stores For Your Fur-babies

By , 24 June 2022

This list of Malaysian homemade pet food and treat stores will help you begin your journey in providing only the best for your fur-babies.

Bringing Romance Back To Downtown Kuala Lumpur With Jane Rai

By , 20 June 2022

In this episode of Hello Zafigo, we take a walk down the streets of Downtown Kuala Lumpur with Jane Rai and fall in love with the city all over again.

Get Inked: 3 Best Tattoo Parlours In Downtown Kuala Lumpur

By , 13 June 2022

Looking for the best tattoo parlour in Downtown Kuala Lumpur? Look no further. Here are three of the best studios, with lots of food nearby to fill your tummy before your tattoo session.

8 Walking Tours To Let You Explore Downtown Kuala Lumpur Like A Pro

By , 9 June 2022

These walking tours will have you exploring Downtown Kuala Lumpur like never before. Choose among these eight guided and self-guided tours that will take you through city trails like a true local.

Daycationing: The New Way To Holiday

By , 17 May 2022

Need to book a hotel for a few hours or only for the day? It’s called the daycation and we gave it a go with this review of the Flow app. Plus, stand a chance to win a daycation and extra goodies wo...

The World With… Daphne Iking

By , 13 May 2022

Daphne Iking is an emcee, actor, and content creator. Find out about her travels, her tips on travelling with four children, and her NGI, Humarap.

Sleep, Shop, Soak, Repeat! A Cititel Mid Valley Review

By , 12 May 2022

Need a quick staycation or weekend escape to shop the stress away? Cititel Mid Valley is the perfect place for retail therapy and a good night's stay in Kuala Lumpur city.