Are you an introvert looking for Valentine’s date ideas that are quieter, and doesn’t involve forced interaction with strangers? You’ve come to the right place.

To me, Valentine’s Day is just another day in battling the capitalist need to spend and buy extra stuff. In that spirit, I’d like to start a tradition where Valentine’s becomes a day I commit to further cultivating my relationships with my loved ones.

That said, we’ve listed below some simple yet impactful ways to enjoy time together. Perhaps by trying out some of these ideas, you’ll grow to like them, and they may eventually benefit your relationships in the long run!

1. Go grocery shopping, then make a meal together

I can hear the extroverts going, “What?” I don’t know about you, but as an introvert, I LOVE grocery shopping. There’s something about picking out food to nourish yourself — it’s a top-level act of self love. Why not switch things up this Valentine’s Day by shopping with your partner (or with yourself) at a zero waste store? Then cook a meal together with the ingredients you bought!

We’ve always believed that food should be considered a love language. Because what can say ‘love’ more than putting your heart into prepping food for someone else?

2. Hang out with your furry loved one

Who says Valentine’s has to be with a human significant other? Our pets need quality time with us too. There are tonnes of pet-friendly places to bring your little furry loved-one. Head here for inspiration on where to go, or if you’re a foodie, here are some pet-friendly eateries! For the travel-loving introverts, here are a selection of hotels and airbnbs where pets are welcome. Don’t forget to shop for treats before your trip!

3. Explore unique places in DTKL

It’s no secret that Downtown Kuala Lumpur (DTKL) is steeped in history and culture. As the city stands the test of time, here are a handful of unique shops worth exploring. Spend time at some of these art galleries and museums too; you’ll be certain to learn a new thing or two about our beloved KL city. For the public transport users, there are plenty of accessible spots to check out as well.

4. Visit a bookstore, then curl up on the couch to read

This might be a little cliche to assume, but most introverts really do love reading! Besides, in our current fast-paced world, it can be hard to find the time to sit down and read anymore.

Plan a trip to a new bookstore with your loved one, or visit any one of these independent bookstores for some peace and quiet. Then, curl up together on your home couch and make time to enjoy your newly-acquired books.

5. Have a chill picnic at a nearby park

How to enjoy food without having to interact with wait staff? Have a picnic! There are many scenic picnic spots in KL — you can even find beautiful spots that are less than an hour from the city. For an amazing spread, order from one of these grazing platter experts, or check out our tips on hosting the ultimate car boot picnic. Remember to leave only footprints behind!

6. Pamper yourselves with a spa session

Book a relaxing massage session to relax those tense muscles with your love(s). Goodness knows we need it after all the hard work we’ve done. It’s a literal pat on the back for making it so far in life. Check out our Klang Valley spa guide on where to go, or try out one of these spas that we’ve personally reviewed for yourself.

7. Get your heart pumping

For you active and nature-loving introverts, try out some of these day hike spots near KL, or these hiking trails across Malaysia. Don’t forget to bring your insect or mosquito repellent!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, these extreme activities around Malaysia will keep you on your toes (and it’s a good excuse to embrace/cling on to someone). We have a list on extreme indoor activities too.

8. Golden hour by the sea

If you’re a sunset lover, you’ve got to spend some time by the beach this Valentine’s. Malaysia is home to some amazing beaches with stunning sunsets. They’re definitely worth the drive and spending golden hour shoulder to shoulder with your beau. The only thing that can make it better is a cocktail in hand. Now, that’s amore!