A note from our Editor:

While March may have been Women’s History Month, May is Women’s Health Month. Although physical health is likely the first thing to come to mind when we think of health in general, a woman’s wellbeing is much more multi-dimensional — it covers her mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional health.

To that end, we’ve curated a series of features, guides, and reviews to help you better navigate your wellness journey. From what to look out for with regards to women-specific illnesses to the best videos that’ll help you work up a sweat, to where to go for the best vegan eats, we have you covered. Think of this month as one of self-love and care. You only get one body and it’s the one you’re currently residing in. Best we take care of it, no? Stay healthy!


The World With…

These women do it all, and still make time to travel the world.


We chat with women about who they are, the work they do, and what they have done to inspire and empower not just those who are nearest and dearest to them but the women in society as well!