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Vivian is a freelance writer-editor who specialises in travel and lifestyle writing. Follow her adventures at thisbunnyhops.com and on Instagram at @vivchong.

A Visit To The National Palace On The First Day Of Hari Raya

By , 25 June 2017

Having never visited the palace, Vivian thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of Malaysia’s biggest festivals and get a glimpse of the palatial landmark at the same time.

6 Ride-Sharing Services Made Exclusively For Women

By , 16 June 2017

The next time you’re visiting these cities and need a comfortable and safe ride, you know who to call.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Hong Kong

By , 3 May 2017

Compact and congested yet rich in colour and character, Hong Kong pulsates with a palpable energy that grows on you quickly. Stay long enough, some say, and the city can trap you in claustrophobia but...

These Three Young Graduates Are Feeding Refugee Families In More Ways Than One

By , 13 April 2017

Founded by Suzanne Ling, Lee Swee Lin and Lim Yuet Kim the Picha Project is a food catering business with a menu compromising of fresh, home-food cooked by refugee families living in Malaysia.

Looking For A Laptop Backpack That Travels Well And Fits Your Daily Lifestyle? This Could Be It.

By , 15 February 2017

Picking a right backpack is an important part of your travel plans. Zafigo Editor, Vivian Chong, shares her checklist for selecting the correct the travel backpack.

Never Been To Thaipusam At Batu Caves? You’d Want To After Seeing This

By , 5 February 2017

Snapshots: Zafigo Editor, Vivian Chong, shares her memories of witnessing her very first Thaipusam at Batu Caves.

5 Places To Shop For Luxury Brands At Huge Discounts In Malaysia

By , 3 February 2017

You definitely won't walk out of these outlets empty-handed.

13 Amazing Airport Lounge Features That Take Travel To The Next Level

By , 13 January 2017

You'll definitely want access to these airport lounges.

10 Useful Things We Wish Every Country Would Adopt

By , 14 November 2016

Every destination has its pros and cons but what if you could compile the best features from every place into one?

12 Of Kuala Lumpur’s Most Gorgeous Boutique Hotels

By ,, 26 October 2016

Chic designs, unique amenities, and personable hospitality.