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Vivian is a freelance writer-editor who specialises in travel and lifestyle writing. Follow her adventures at thisbunnyhops.com and on Instagram at @vivchong.

Travel Talk: Reinventing The Backpack For Safer Urban Travel

By , 27 August 2018

Sarah Giblin tells Zafigo about her journey from an everyday backpack user to an award-winning backpack creator.

10 Tips On How To Start A Travel Sketch Journal

By , 23 August 2018

Most of us capture memories of our travels by taking photos or filming videos. Some like to send themselves postcards. Others like putting pen to paper.

8 Foodies’ Haunts In Penang You Have To Try

By , 16 January 2018

These eight popular food spots are within easy walking distance from the Royale Chulan Penang, so you’re never too far from a good meal.

I Gave Up The Tai Tai Life To Provide For Children With Special Needs

By , 20 December 2017

“Every child here, I can tell you their story and how far they’ve come,” Melody says with a smile.

10 Ways To Make Full Use Of Your Stay At The Royale Chulan Penang

By , 4 December 2017

The Royale Chulan Penang delights its visitors with a mix of historical charm and modern comforts.

5 Ways To Get Your Zen On At Club Med Bintan, Indonesia

By , 19 October 2017

Imagine a private beach fringed by coconut trees, waves lapping onto fine sand, and an endless dose of Vitamin Sea...

Young Family Leaves Life In The City For Rural Communities In Sabah

By , 7 September 2017

Meet Deborah Chan, a woman who packed up and left her life in the city to to help rural communities.

6 Inspiring Women Travellers You’d Want To Meet

By , 21 August 2017

Travelling is never without its risks and for women, the challenges are often multi-fold...

What Women Want: Why, Where, And How We Travel

By , 17 August 2017

Kelly knows all about what women look for in travel...

5 Myths About Digital Nomads, Debunked

By , 15 August 2017

What's it like being a digital nomad? We ask Chrys for the truth behind some common views on being a digital nomad.