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Vivian is a freelance writer-editor who specialises in travel and lifestyle writing. Follow her adventures at thisbunnyhops.com and on Instagram at @vivchong.

A Chat With The Artist Behind The Little Cartoon Traveller, Mogu

By , 27 September 2016

The adorable little cartoon traveller Mogu will be starring in an illustrated travel book set to be published next year.

Ipoh’s Lost World Of Tambun: Theme Park By Day, Hot Spa By Night

By , 1 September 2016

The Lost World of Tambun caters to all ages, whether you’re looking to cool off on a scorching afternoon or warm up after a rainy evening.

What You Missed At Our First Ever Zafigo Talk With Amazing Women Travellers

By , 31 August 2016

Zafigo serves to inform and inspire, and two weekends ago, we brought them closer to readers with our very first talk: Intimate Conversations with Women on Travel & Culture.

7 Ways To Keep Cool When Travelling In Hot Countries

By , 15 June 2016

With summer rolling around, there are plenty of sunny days ahead. If you’re heading to the Northern hemisphere this season, try these tips to keep your cool.

What To Eat Around Jalan Alor – Including Places Even Locals Don’t Know About

By , 13 May 2016

The food around Alor is as diverse as the people who work in the area and tourists who come from all over.

KL Journal: The Latest Hotel To Debut At The Top Of The City’s Recommended List

By , 8 April 2016

With its chic design and creative vibes, Kuala Lumpur’s latest boutique hotel ticks all the right boxes.

Anita Ahmad: I Survived A Bombing In Iraq And Had To Prove To Arabs I’m Muslim

By , 1 April 2016

In our very first Zafigo Partner Blogger series, we meet a traveller whose off-the-beaten-path experience includes being shouted at by rebel group leaders.

Check-ins: Impiana KLCC Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By , 2 March 2016

The Ladies Room at Impiana KLCC seem to tick all the right boxes on a ladies' list for an ideal hotel stay, but Zafigo's Vivian Chong found one little caveat.

Raising The Red Lanterns In Kuala Lumpur

By , 18 February 2016

Snapshots: Chinese New Year is the one time of the year when Malaysians quite literally paint the town red.