Raisa has had a passion for writing since she was little, often penning fictitious short stories. Besides writing, she is obsessed with finding food anywhere and everywhere, so decided to start a website titled 'Raisa Reviews' - a compilation of short restaurant, food and travel reviews that is constantly expanding. When she’s not eating the world or venturing into nature, she’s probably curled up in a corner reading.

Vegan Eats: The 12 Best Places To Go In Kuala Lumpur

By ,,, 27 April 2023

From Japanese to fusion to Thai, here are the nine best restaurants to find vegetarian- and vegan-friendly eats.

The Yummiest Vegan Restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka, & Kyoto

By , 24 March 2023

Although most would assume Japan is not vegan-friendly, it actually is. If you’re planning to visit Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, then you need to taste these traditional dishes. Even if you’re not vega...

Hakuba Valley VS Nozawa Onsen: This Japan Guide Will Help You Decide On The Best Place To Snowboard

By , 3 March 2023

Destinations like Hakuba Valley and Nozawa Onsen in Japan are popular for winter sports so here’s everything you need to know about the two from the costs right down to comparing the activities on o...

13 Traditional Christmas Meals Around The World

By ,, 23 December 2022

There’s got to be more to Christmas than a huge turkey and some mashed potatoes. This list definitely proves it!

11 Malaysian Brands That Support Social & Environmental Causes

By ,, 26 May 2022

Shopping is commonly referred to as ‘retail therapy’ but did you know that shopping can help not only yourself, but others, too? What you spend your money on can impact society and the environment...

7 No Equipment YouTube Workouts Under 20 Minutes

By ,, 7 April 2022

If you are continuing to keep fit while indoors, try out one of these no equipment, 20-minute or less Youtube workouts from around the world.

Mixed & Muhibbah: The Malaysia I Believe In

By , 30 August 2021

Navigating society as someone with mixed heritage can be trickier than most would imagine. The soundtrack of any interracial child would be constant comments of disbelief at their mixed heritage. Yet,...

Shop & Save: 5 Malaysian Online Thrift Stores

By , 18 August 2021

@reviveyourclothes, @vintage_bangsar When people think about sustainable consumerism within the context of fashion, inflated prices pop are what come to mind. However, becoming a sustainable consumer ...

5 Not-So-Common Accommodations In Terengganu

By , 3 March 2021

Just a few hours away from Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu is known for its soft sand beaches and azure waters, and is home to several famous dive sites.

Langkawi & Beyond: 8 Malaysian Ocean Escapes For Your Next Holiday

By , 30 December 2020

Now that we're no longer confined to our homes, it's time to start planning for a little getaway. Pick from one of these beautiful Malaysian beaches and islands and get packing!