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Raisa has had a passion for writing since she was little, often penning fictitious short stories. Besides writing, she is obsessed with finding food anywhere and everywhere, so decided to start a website titled 'Raisa Reviews' - a compilation of short restaurant, food and travel reviews that is constantly expanding. When she’s not eating the world or venturing into nature, she’s probably curled up in a corner reading.

What You Should Know Before Visiting Kathmandu

By , December 5, 2018

Patan embodies the tranquil qualities of water; the city is just like the beginning and end of an or...

Nepal On Film: An Outdated Country Captured On An Outdated D...

By , November 18, 2018

Is there a better way to capture Nepal than with a traditional camera using rolls of film?

Life Lessons I’ve Learned Being A Solo Female Backpacker

By , September 10, 2018

So here’s what backpacking taught me – I call it the four Ps.

LAST CALL: Riding The Rails To The George Town Festival

By , August 28, 2018

September may be nearing, but there’s still time to head to the George Town Festival (GTF) over th...

The Highs And Lows of Trekking Through Hsipaw, Myanmar

By , July 26, 2018

At the tail end of my trip along the pancake trail, I visited Myanmar, a country’s known for being...

A Visual Guide To Mandalay, Myanmar

By , July 1, 2018

Myanmar is a land unlike any other for its upkeep of local traditions.

My Experience At A Silent Meditation Retreat In Thailand

By , June 16, 2018

My journey into the self lasted only four days, but do note that the recommended length of stay for...

Mondulkiri, Cambodia, At A Glance

By , May 13, 2018

The Mondulkiri Project, the only NGO around, was started in 2014 by Mr. Tree with the mission to res...

A Piece of China in Huế, Vietnam

By , April 29, 2018

Residing in the city of Huế, the lavish lifestyles of these royals can still be witnessed when you...

Taking A Slow Ride Through Laos

By , April 15, 2018

While airplanes have become a standard mode of transport in the twenty-first century, Laos surprisin...