Raisa has had a passion for writing since she was little, often penning fictitious short stories. Besides writing, she is obsessed with finding food anywhere and everywhere, so decided to start a website titled 'Raisa Reviews' - a compilation of short restaurant, food and travel reviews that is constantly expanding. When she’s not eating the world or venturing into nature, she’s probably curled up in a corner reading.

Finally, An Airbnb-Like App Made For Solo Female Travellers!

By , 23 November 2017

Choosing you accommodation in a foreign country as a woman can be troublesome, and even more so as a solo female traveller.

This New Travel Tech Helps You Speak 40 Languages

By , 21 November 2017

With thousands of languages spoken around the world, the ease of breaking down language barriers with technology has its distinct allure.

TripAdvisor Will Now Identify Hotels Where Sexual Abuse Occurred

By , 16 November 2017

"These badges will remain on TripAdvisor for up to three months. However, if the issues persist we may extend the duration of the badge…"

Are You A Backpacker Or A Begpacker?

By , 14 November 2017

In a nutshell, a begpacker is a backpacker who begs for money throughout their travels, typically on the streets, to fund their way through.

12 Of The World’s 50 Best Bars Are In Asia

By , 13 November 2017

As Asia evolves to meet the needs of an ever-expanding market, it is fast becoming known for its distinctive drinking scene.

How To Prepare For Natural Disasters In Asia

By , 10 November 2017

If you ever get stuck in a natural disaster situation whilst on your travels, here's the low-down...

Did You Know About These Flight Fumes And Their Risks?

By , 9 October 2017

Have you ever heard of the ‘bleed air’ system most airplanes implement? Or in-flight disinfectants?

Experience Hong Kong With All Five Senses

By , 3 October 2017

Here lies a city that needs to be experienced with all your senses...

Experiencing The Maldives Like A Local

By , 23 April 2017

Snapshots: Dhiffushi Island is located just 30 to 45 minutes from Maldivian capital, Maleand thrives through a fishing industry and tourism.