Shop & Save: 5 Malaysian Online Thrift Stores

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When people think about sustainable consumerism within the context of fashion, inflated prices pop are what come to mind. However, becoming a sustainable consumer of fashion is actually cheaper and easier than most assume! The trick is to avoid unaffordable brands and instead opt for thrifting. 

Yes, thrifting is still a thing, and no, it isn’t yucky – a common misconception by those uninitiated into the affordable world of bargain hunting. Even if your goal isn’t to become a sustainable consumer (although it’s recommended), you should definitely consider thrifting as you’ll be able to save money to splurge on other things, like travelling!

So, here’s a list of five thrift stores in the Klang Valley. The best part? You won’t actually even need to leave your home to shop as they’re all online too. 

Everything and anything 

Bargain Basement started when Datin Joanne Wong decluttered her home and realised she could give back to charity by selling her preloved items and then donating the profits. Now, anybody can give preloved goods to Bargain Basement, and whatever money is made will be donated. Since 2016, more than RM 260,400 has been distributed to over 20 homes! The social enterprise sells literally everything and anything, from books to electronics to furniture and so, so much more. Prices start from RM8. 

Freakishly affordable tops 

Mathaday mainly operates via Instagram, and when possible, sells at pop-ups. The online store specialises in tops and blazers, with the price range starting from RM5 – a real bargain as all items are in good quality! While most of the designs revolve around feminine aesthetics, there are unisex items available too. 

Edgy finds

Revive is edgy in the sense that it curates and reinvents items from brands such as Adidas, Fila, Gap, Puma, and more. Think: a typical tank top to work out in remade into an asymmetrical halter top. Other edgy styles include cropped baby tees, cowl tops, crotchet wrap-arounds, and retro dresses. Understandably, some products are more expensive than a usual thrifted find, but that’s when sales come in handy. Shop for curated & reinvented items from RM39.

Sneakers & stuff 

Del’cs Retail is the go-to for sneakerheads who are a fan of Nike, but not a fan of their prices (you can cop a pair for a mere RM79). Although the Nike selection is currently limited to around 13 options, there are other brands available too, like Adidas and New Balance. Pro tip: Del’cs Retail virtually sells vintage home décor from England as well and in-store. you’ll also find other unique bits and bobs.

Branded bags 

Luxury Vintage is a chain that stocks preloved branded and luxury bags such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, and the like. Granted, splurging on an up-market product will certainly put a dent in your wallet, but by choosing Luxury Vintage, it’ll be far less painful than to fork out on a brand new item. So, if you’ve been eyeing a specific bag for some time now, but can’t afford the original, here’s your alternative! Expect to find bags going for as low as RM390! But if designer bags aren’t your jam, they’ve got other small leather goods and shoes worth checking out too. 

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