Raisa has had a passion for writing since she was little, often penning fictitious short stories. Besides writing, she is obsessed with finding food anywhere and everywhere, so decided to start a website titled 'Raisa Reviews' - a compilation of short restaurant, food and travel reviews that is constantly expanding. When she’s not eating the world or venturing into nature, she’s probably curled up in a corner reading.

8 Very Different Virtual Workout Classes You Can Access From Anywhere In The World

By , 6 April 2020

Despite the restricted movement, many instructors and studios are hosting virtual workouts that you can access from anywhere to encourage you to push yourself during a period where slacking physically...

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Meditating

By , 2 April 2020

Learning how to return to the present while simultaneously quieting the mind is not only beneficial amidst the current situation, but will continue to be beneficial to you and your life even after the...

The Essential First-Timer’s Guide To Lake Toba, Indonesia

By , 10 February 2020

Luscious greenery surrounds every nook and cranny of Lake Toba, but if you’re more into adventure as opposed to kicking back and relaxing, research thoroughly before visiting this Indonesian destina...

The Positive Impact Of Ethical Travel In Asia

By , 10 December 2019

In Asia, specifically the developing countries within Asia, opting for ethical travel can have a huge impact.

Day Trips To Take From Amsterdam, Netherlands

By , 27 November 2019

While there are many locations to choose from for a day trip, Den Haag and Rotterdam are the most frequented due to distance.

The Zafigo Guide To Hostel Yoga

By , 19 November 2019

Yoga poses that are dorm-friendly AND easy to follow.

Backpacking: Southeast Asia vs. Europe

By , 24 October 2019

Exploring the pancake trail last year was the trip of a lifetime for me, so I decided to relive the experience by backpacking through Europe. Here's how the experiences compare:

Visiting Slovenia? Here’s What You Need To Know About Ljubljana & Bled

By , 16 October 2019

Whilst backpacking solo through Europe, I randomly chose to visit Slovenia. To be honest, I’d barely even researched Slovenia before visiting the country, but because of that, I was more than pleasa...

Venice, Italy In Five Hours

By , 10 October 2019

When visiting Italy, exploring Venice becomes a must for so many reasons. If you’re short on time, or on a layover, just know that you can appreciate Venice even in just five hours!

Three Crystals You Should Always Travel With

By , 5 July 2019

If you’re just starting to learn about crystals and their benefits, or have already collected a few, choosing which crystals to pack for travelling can be a difficult task. This article may be of he...