6 Scenic Picnic Spots in KL To Rest And Unwind At

In drastic need of a change of scenery whilst sipping on piping hot tea and munching on your favourite treats? Why not [quickly] disappear into the grassy terrains of Mother Nature just outside of the bustling concrete jungle of the capital city. Sometimes, the most majestic of sanctuaries exist and flourish right inside our own metropolis of Kuala Lumpur– talk about jarring juxtapositions. Nevertheless, you certainly needn’t wander far to explore and relish in them. From lush fields to floral gardens, read on to unearth more on the 6 best scenic picnic spots in KL:

Titiwangsa Lake Garden

Lying in close proximity to the bustling Jalan Tun Razak within the heart of Kuala Lumpur is Titiwangsa Lake Garden. Affording an unimpeded panoramic view of the metropolitan skyline, this park is an ideal spot for spending a lazy afternoon munching on a picnic whilst soaking up the greenery. If Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 classic ‘Physical’ begins to overtake your mood, fret not as there’s tons of trails and space for strolling, cycling, jogging, roller-blading, canoeing, pedal boating and horseback riding! Did we mention that the park has recently been upgraded with a mini water park, playground, maze garden and range canopy?

Perdana Botanical Garden

Devise a quick escape from the bustling metropolis into the sublime oasis recently renamed as the Perdana Botanical Garden, thriving within the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park for your next impromptu picnic. Instead of the foul stench of polluted streets, wander through the refreshingly aerated tropical haven blessed with towering timber, flourishing foliage and blooming blossoms — from the Sunken Garden to the Herbarium, there are many gardens to explore. With diverse terrains in the background, be sure to head on over to the stunning lake at the heart of the spacious park. As for picnics, traipse over to the gazebos or set up your own blanket under any of the shady spots you’re bound to find.


Smack dab in the middle of the capital’s concrete jungle is the spacious urban sanctuary iconically known as KLCC Park. Overlooking the emblematic Petronas Twin Towers, this ample recreational ground truly encapsulates the city-dweller’s pastoral escapade into the manicured wild thanks to the acres of assorted indigenous trees planted –ideal for a relaxing, scenic picnic. Apart from the showstopping Lake Symphony fountains that display entertaining daily water acts, the park also houses several engaging features such as mini waterfalls, playgrounds, jogging trails, patterned footpaths, sculptures and a swimming pool. Here’s a tip: Grab some bites from the Suria KLCC shopping centre before unfurling your blanket over a cosy picnic spot for a spontaneous afternoon. 

Sentul Park

In need of some precious solitude or privacy for your intimate outdoor feast? Hidden within the urban sprawl of Kuala Lumpur just outside of Jalan Ipoh is the serene, unpretentious hidden gem that is Sentul Park –it certainly fills the brief. Situated next door to KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre), shuffle across the connecting wooden bridge towards the amalgamation of expansive grassy terrains and jungle-esque alcoves constituting the privately-owned gated community park. Bask under the balming sunshine as you stroll through the charming, well-tended gardens and along the koi-filled ponds after unpacking your picnic basket. If you’re in luck, you may even stumble upon some cranes frolicking there.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

In search of an idyllic, gleaming lakeside view enveloped by bountiful hills and pastel skies? Just head north towards Jinjang within Central Kuala Lumpur to discover the locally favoured Kepong Metropolitan Park. As the central kite-flying hub of the area, odds are you’ll notice many of these colourful contraptions soaring high up through the windy breeze as you munch on your picnic treats over by the lake or vast open fields (the former practically voted as a fan favourite, even among fishing enthusiasts). To top it off, feel free to check out the cycling track, jogging trails, football field, boathouse, viewing tower and pavilion for more recreational activities to pass the time.

Desa Park City

With flawlessly manicured lawns growing alongside a grand reflecting lake and well-paved jogging trails, Desa Park City is unsurprisingly one of the latest hotspots for an indulgent picnic scene. As it is a private park that’s open to the public, you’ll be pleased to know that privacy and tranquillity won’t be an issue so feel free to bask in the ambience at a leisurely pace. Better yet, dog-owners can finally rejoice as the undoubtedly outstanding bit about this park is that it’s canine-friendly! With dog waste disposal bags readily available, don’t hesitate to bring your little furkid(s) along for an afternoon adventure.

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