I have two cats of my own, and suffice to say, I want them to live their best lives. They’re even fed high protein food, because this paw-rent is very particular about nutrition. Many high-quality commercial pet foods are readily available in pet stores now, but sometimes pets get bored of the same old thing.

We can switch things up with homemade food and treats so this doesn’t happen. Our fur-babies will be happy, and we get to support local businesses. The best part is that these pet food and snacks are free from nasty ingredients and made in small batches! It’s admirable how far some of these passionate individuals go to ensure they only provide the best for their pets and ours.

1. CubGrub

After adopted cat Ponyo was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), her recovery posed some risks, even after her paw-rents tried all the premium pet food available. After a lot of research, Ponyo’s owners came across significant nutritional information that inspired them to create their own homemade cat food.

Since then, Ponyo’s health has drastically improved, and CubGrub was born! They give many cat owners a place to go, especially when they don’t have the time or knowledge to make their own cat food.

CubGrub uses only the freshest ingredients and mimics what cats naturally eat in the wild. Besides wet food, they have dehydrated cat treats and food toppers too!

Address: Jalan Kemajuan, Pjs 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: +6017-225 1788

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2. ZOKZOK Homemade Pets’ Treats

Spoil your fur-kids with ZOKZOK homemade chews, jerky, and veggie treats! The dogs will have poultry feet, neck, and jerky to chew on, while the cats have anchovies. Anchovies are loaded in omega-3 fatty acids and many other vitamins that will help improve your fur-babies’ coats.

ZOKZOK’s products are naturally flavoured, without any artificial seasoning or additives. Remember that pet treats are not a substitute for actual food, and too much treats can make your pets picky! Feed in moderation.

Contact: +6016-778 0380

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3. SouperPets

Here’s something a little different — nutrient-dense bone broth made from human-grade vegetables, filtered water, and bones. There are many flavours to choose from — beef, lamb, fjord trout, duck, and pork. The benefits of the broths are so good that, believe it or not, sometimes the humans at SouperPets consume it themselves!

These broths help to boost your pet’s immune system, strengthen joints and bones, improve skin and coat health, and much more. The long boiling process of 16 HOURS(!) helps remove all the fat and gunk from the bones. SouperPets even did a nutrition lab test to check the amount of fat and oil in the broths, and lo and behold, they passed with flying colours. You won’t even need to rinse the bowl with soap!

If that’s not enough, this collagen broth is all-natural, free from salt, artificial flavouring, and preservatives. Paw-rents can feed this broth at any time of the day, add it to pet food, feed it as a treat, or let your pets drink it as it is (beneficial for pets who don’t drink enough water).

Contact: +6011-1242 0961

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4. Barkery Oven

This pet bakery focuses on creating treats for pets with sensitive skin, specialising in gluten-and grain-free pet treats. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Barkery Oven’s treats are made using human-grade ingredients and are very particular about what goes into the products.

Their philosophy when making any product is that all ingredients must be human-grade, with no preservatives, artificial flavourings, salt, and sugar shall be added. For the zero-waste paw-rents, Barkery Oven’s treats are available at The Hive and NUDE Zero Waste Store!

Contact: +6012-393 5006

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5. Quan Dog Treats

The Quan Dog Treats promise is: “We will never feed your dog what we don’t already feed our own.” They ensure that if it’s not on the ingredient list, it’s not in the treat. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, and they never repackage items from unknown sources.

Quan Dog Treats also has a CSR initiative called Quan Cares, where RM10 from each bag of Sherlock’s Picks sold is donated to an animal charity, shelter, or stray-feeding programme. Sherlock’s Picks contains a selection of their four bestselling treats, so it’s a fun way to give their treats a try while supporting a good cause.

Psst! They also do personalised treats for pup birthdays!

Contact: +6017-993 7826

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6. Mutt Store

You’ve reached chew heaven! Mutt Store has all kinds of chews from cows, goats, rabbits, pigs, and duck body parts. Not for the faint of heart, of course, but it is a complete chew store for your fur-kids’ chew/oral health.

Consider your dog’s age, size, swallowing behaviour, health issues, the strength of their gums and teeth, and whether they’re a light/moderate/heavy chewer before deciding on the kind of chew to get. If ever in doubt, you can always ask for advice from the Mutt Store.

Fun fact: The ‘Pizzles’ on their chews menu are cow/goat penises. Cow penises can go up to 60-70cm in length!

Contact: +6011-2076 5756

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7. Pawfect Food

Johor-based Pawfect Food cooks and prepares meals for your dogs. Their gently-cooked meals come in various meat bases for picky eaters and prepared in small batches using only whole foods. Also good to know is that their recipes are fresh, contain no preservatives or additives, and are immediately vacuum sealed once out of the kitchen.

You can find monthly meal plans on their website, including the main meal, snacks, and food toppers. Now, that’s complete nutrition for your doggos at your fingertips!

Contact: +6011-1195 7165

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8. Furritooth

Furritooth’s treats are one-of-a-kind. They look so pretty that you’ll feel guilty eating them, but luckily, it will be your pets doing the eating. Their treats are made from dehydrated meat and vegetables, making them colourful. Spoil your dogs with cute delights like Indomee, Pizza, Waffle, or Sunny Side Up, all freshly homemade and with natural ingredients.

Contact: +6011-5422 5202

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