Sometimes, the most meaningful conversations begin with a simple “Hello!”

Welcome to Hello Zafigo, a series of online conversations with women from all walks of life from all over the world. Listen in while they share stories on life, culture, and a common love for travel! After all, life is a journey and realising our fullest potential makes it an adventure!

We will be bringing you casual chats and even educational workshops covering various topics such as mental health, social impact, finance hacks, and everything else in between.


2020 was quite a year! Here’s a look back at all the amazing people we got to speak to:

We’ll be back soon with brand new episodes and more. Stay tuned!

It’s never too early or late to take care of yourself and make healthy changes to your routine, so you think, feel, and look the best for yourself. This Women’s Health Month, #teamZafigo encourages women to take control, starting from within.

In this latest session of Hello Zafigo, hosted by Zafigo’s Editor, Eliza Thomas, we speak to Lavender Tan, a clinical psychologist from The Mind, which offers professional yet approachable individual, couple, family, and behavioural therapy amongst other services, as well as TV host and emcee Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, who is also a mental health advocate and patron of mental health advocacy and peer support NGO, MIASA Malaysia. Tune in this Saturday, 22 May at 3pm.

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Travelling is one of the best things to do in life. Now find out why trying out new food is the reason travelling is the best adventure!

Hello Zafigo is back for a third season and host Marina Mahathir is kicking things off with three major foodies who travel specifically to gain culinary inspiration – “queen of spice” Sapna Anand; chief eating officer of The BIG Group, Benjamin Yong; and Food Hero Asia winner, Ili Sulaiman. These gastronomes come together to talk about their tantalising adventures, delicious discoveries, and the flavourful inspirations behind some of their most popular ventures.

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“Queen of spice” Sapna Anand; chief eating officer of The BIG Group, Benjamin Yong; and Food Hero Asia winner, Ili Sulaiman come together to talk about their tantalising adventures, delicious discoveries, and the flavourful inspirations behind some of their most popular ventures.



28 November 2020

New Year Travel Trends: Reinventing Vacations

We spoke to Rohan Raghavan from Google and Emily Tan from Klook Malaysia on insights they’ve gotten from Malaysian travellers this year, and how we can apply these trends to 2021.


13 November 2020

Have Followers, Will Travel: Influencer Tourism

We spoke to three well-travelled women, Thuymi Do (Adventure Faktory), Pashmina Binwani (The Gone Goat), and Mynn Lee (She Walks The World), who influence your travel choices for a living.


31 October 2020

Creative Destinations: Travelling Through Journalling & Art

There is no better way to cement your travel memories than through creative expression, as told by artist and urban sketcher, Gladys Teo-Simpson and destination wedding photographer, Jane Lee.


17 October 2020

Differently-Abled: Exploring The World Without Limits

What do you get when you have a visually-impaired Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, and a national para-athlete together? Inspiring stories that’ll make your heart full!


3 October 2020

Holi-dates: Creating Meaningful Family Vacations

Deborah Chan and Lu Sean Seah discuss the importance of introducing travel to our children during their early years, how the current pandemic has affected (and may continue to affect) or changed such trips, and how we can still make the most of travelling locally.


18 September 2020

The Art of Travel: Finding Inspiration in the Journey

Travel has long been a favourite activity for artists as it brings about inspiration on different fronts. Marina chats with homegrown contemporary artist, Red Hong Yi about her creative process and personal influences, as well as how her own excursions, whether near or far, have impacted her art.



18 July 2020

The Benefits of Solo Travel

There is something special about people who venture out alone to travel the world. Experienced solo travellers, Priscilla Patrick and Mei Mei Chu chat with Marina Mahathir about their solo adventures and leaving the comforts of home, the issues they have faced, places they have seen, people they have met, and so much more.


27 June 2020

Succeeding Your Way In The World

What does it take to leave home to pursue a dream and actually make it come true? We speak to two young Malaysians who have made names for themselves and their country in the global arena – squash champion Nicol David and singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai.


13 June 2020

The Future Of Travel

Tony Fernandes and Lavinia Rajaram discuss the global crisis impact on the travel industry, and AirAsia and Expedia specifically, how the brands are coping, what they are doing differently, and the possible scenarios for the travel industry when we are all released from our lockdowns in the near future.


30 May 2020

Shifting Your Mind

The ability to shift your mindset has never been more important than it is now.  As we realise “back to normal” no longer exists, how can we embrace the “new normal” while maintaining mental and emotional health? Certified women’s health coach, Amanda Luukinen explores how to live well staying in the same place.


3 May 2020

Hustle From Home

Remote working guru, Aisha Preece takes us through the various ways we can make money online, the skills we need, where to find the opportunities, and how to get started. Aisha also shares useful mindset tips that helped her get started, that you too can use in your own remote working search.


3 April 2020

Travel In The Time Of COVID-19

Marina chats with ZafigoX alumna, Dr Sakia Haque and Xyza Cruz Bacani (visual artist/reporter) share about COVID-19 and the situation in their respective countries, how the governments are handling the crisis, and how the pandemic is affecting them on personal, social, and occupational levels.