Sometimes, the most meaningful conversations begin with a simple “Hello!”

Welcome to Hello Zafigo, a series of online conversations with women from all walks of life from all over the world. Listen in while they share stories on life, culture, and a common love for travel! After all, life is a journey and realising our fullest potential makes it an adventure! We will be bringing you casual chats and even educational workshops covering various topics such as mental health, social impact, finance hacks, and everything else in between.


Over the years, buildings surrounding the area of Downtown KL have either been demolished to make way for newer establishments or restored to protect their heritage and historical significance. Some even look unrecognisable as they’ve been lost to commercialism.

Modernisation and gentrification are inevitable though, and despite evolution, these buildings still have a story to tell. But for a city that is constantly filled with tourists and always changing, how can we continue celebrating Downtown KL’s historical significance that is rich with culture, heritage, and tradition?

It’s thanks to people like Jane Rai, an award-winning tour guide with close to 30 years of experience, who passionately work to keep the tales of old KL alive through her walking tours. It’s because of these tours that we are still able to relive history and appreciate our city more. These buildings remain alive so long as their stories are shared with the rest of the world, as well as with the new generation.

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Season 3

Over the weekend, Zafigo’s founder, Marina Mahathir, had a chat with Kaori Sasaki on all things Olympics. From vaccine requirements to the logistics to (of course) the concerns surrounding hosting the games during a pandemic.

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For our 15th episode of Hello Zafigo, we spoke to Low Ngai Yuen and Susan Lankester about the lack of support given to our local arts and culture scene and what we can do to change it. Here’s a recap of that conversation.

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A recap of what we discussed during the fourteenth episode of Hello Zafigo. We talked about mental health accessibility in Malaysia, what it means to feel ‘languished’, the importance of having words to describe how we’re feeling, and more.

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“Queen of spice” Sapna Anand; chief eating officer of The BIG Group, Benjamin Yong; and Food Hero Asia winner, Ili Sulaiman come together to talk about their tantalising adventures, delicious discoveries, and the flavourful inspirations behind some of their most popular ventures.

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Season 3

Season 3

18 July 2020

The Benefits of Solo Travel

There is something special about people who venture out alone to travel the world. Experienced solo travellers, Priscilla Patrick and Mei Mei Chu chat with Marina Mahathir about their solo adventures and leaving the comforts of home, the issues they have faced, places they have seen, people they have met, and so much more.

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27 June 2020

Succeeding Your Way In The World

What does it take to leave home to pursue a dream and actually make it come true? We speak to two young Malaysians who have made names for themselves and their country in the global arena – squash champion Nicol David and singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai.

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13 June 2020

The Future Of Travel

Tony Fernandes and Lavinia Rajaram discuss the global crisis impact on the travel industry, and AirAsia and Expedia specifically, how the brands are coping, what they are doing differently, and the possible scenarios for the travel industry when we are all released from our lockdowns in the near future.

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30 May 2020

Shifting Your Mind

The ability to shift your mindset has never been more important than it is now. As we realise “back to normal” no longer exists, how can we embrace the “new normal” while maintaining mental and emotional health? Certified women’s health coach, Amanda Luukinen explores how to live well staying in the same place.

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3 May 2020

Hustle From Home

Remote working guru, Aisha Preece takes us through the various ways we can make money online, the skills we need, where to find the opportunities, and how to get started. Aisha also shares useful mindset tips that helped her get started, that you too can use in your own remote working search.

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3 April 2020

Travel In The Time Of COVID-19

Marina chats with ZafigoX alumna, Dr Sakia Haque and Xyza Cruz Bacani (visual artist/reporter) share about COVID-19 and the situation in their respective countries, how the governments are handling the crisis, and how the pandemic is affecting them on personal, social, and occupational levels.

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