Starting Young: Tips & Tricks For Travelling With Kids

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Do you remember the first time you travelled as a child? Is there a particular trip or experience that sparked your love for travel? When you were old enough to understand it, travel generated immense excitement. Even as grownups, the thought of an upcoming trip, and the actual embarking on said trip gives us a heady feeling.

As adults, we understand the effort and processes that go into travel, but our young children accompanying us may not. The seemingly long (and sometimes uncomfortable) journey is tedious. The waiting times kill half the fun. The walking around and exploring is also probably not their idea of a good time. How, then, do you make travelling fun and, most importantly, memorable for your young ones?

In the most recent installation of Hello Zafigo, Deborah Chan, podcaster and author, and Lu Sean Seah, Special Project Coordinator for, spoke about their experiences of travelling with their respective children, the things they learned to do to make the trips enjoyable for them, as well as what they hoped these travels would contribute to their children’s’ upbringing.

Besides sharing tips and tricks on handling two small children on the go, while also making sure that they’re experiencing and learning as much as possible, Deborah recounted her family’s holi-dates, where she travelled to Taiwan with her son Seth, while her husband, Terence, took their daughter Enya to Hong Kong.

Lu Sean explained how she likes getting her older kids – aged eight and five – involved in the planning of their trips. She shows them maps and photos of their destination. Then, they watch videos and read stories about the country to give them an idea of where they’re going. The struggle, she says, is in keeping the kids motivated and excited, especially when exhaustion, impatience, or jet lag kicks in.

To hear more of how you can make travel a part of your child’s life, watch or listen to the Hello Zafigo Season 2 conversation with Deborah and Lu Sean here:

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