The Final Hurdle: Kaori Sasaki On Organising The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Kaori Sasaki is a well-travelled woman. On the one hand, she’s a broadcast journalist, and on the other she’s a respected business leader and member of the Tokyo Organising Committee. Over the weekend, Zafigo’s founder, Marina Mahathir, had a chat with Kaori Sasaki on all things Olympics. From vaccine requirements to the logistics to (of course) the concerns surrounding hosting the games during a pandemic, Kaosi Sasaki shares her insider insight into the steps being taken to keep things under control.

But the conversation didn’t end there. Moving onto her past exploits in Mozambique (coming face to face with child soldiers), covering news from Vietnamese refugee camps in Hong Kong, getting shot in the leg while a reporter in South Africa, and onto her work for improving diversity in the workplace, this conversation was indeed a colourful one. Watch it here:

Tengku Zai
Going by the nickname Kuzai, the Kelantan native has spent 15 years in the wonderful world of publishing, formerly managing the beauty sections of glossies including ELLE and Harper’s BAZAAR. Now, Kuzai is the Editor of Zafigo. The wannabe runner is also mom to a feisty toddler, suffers from constant wanderlust, and really just works to eat, travel, and shop.