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It’s important to look after yourself. If you’re just starting to learn about crystals and their benefits, or have already collected a few, choosing which crystals to pack for travelling can be a difficult task. Especially as each crystal has myriad benefits. Even if you own just one type and can’t decide what to add next, this article may be of help. As tempting as it may be to bring all your babies with you, fret not, here’s a list of the top three crystals that will positively benefit your time away from home:

Black Tourmaline

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Regardless of what type of traveller you are, black tourmaline is a must-have! Known to shield from and transmute electromagnetic radiation, black tourmaline is highly beneficial if you plan to Instagram your entire holiday.

For those unfamiliar with electromagnetic radiation, know that it’s an invisible frequency emitted by any type of electronic device. Particularly mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers – basically, any device connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. In fact, you’ve probably experienced the side-effects of electromagnetic radiation before, the most common being headaches.

As black tourmaline is formed from numerous minerals, high frequencies can pass through the crystal without shattering it, which is why it’s also used industrially. So if you find yourself in a Wi-Fi zone binge-using social media, just place the crystal near you or your electronic device. Alternatively, keep the crystal in your handbag or wear it as an accessory.

Clear Quartz

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Did you know that you’ve unknowingly been incorporating clear quartz into your daily life? This crystal is used in the creation of watches, mobile phones, computer chips, and more! Even before the technological era, clear quartz was used historically by the ancient Egyptians who believed the stone has healing properties.

There may be a number of ways to reduce anxiety and stress while on the road, but the belief that about clear quartz’s restorative benefits have been recognised for the mental clarity it can provide. Not to mention the ease in communication and overall awareness as a result of that. While travelling, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and to listen to your intuition in order to avoid a bad situation. Either wear this crystal as an accessory or keep it close to your body, such as in your wallet or pocket.


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If you come from an Asian background, you might have already been told about the benefits of jade. The reason this crystal comes highly recommended is due to its protective properties as asserted over centuries of use in various countries around the world.

Unless you’re on a ‘do nothing’ holiday, chances are that you’ll sightsee, visiting places packed with people. These crowds can be tiring physically, but also draining energetically. In order to return unscathed, jade is your go-to.

For instance, if sightseeing entails visiting former war zones or the like, then you should definitely bring jade to protect yourself from that negative energetic imprint war can create. Commonly worn as an accessory, this crystal will be easier to find than the other two, but ensure that the jade you purchase is authentic and not just costume jewellery.

All in all, remember that there are simple and easy ways to look out for your wellbeing while travelling. From essential oils to the crystals mentioned above, stay in the right frame of mind to fully enjoy your vacation.

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