Sexual Harassment While Travelling – The Reality & How To Overcome It [VIDEO]

By , 16 September 2017

When visiting some countries, sexual harassment is a hazard that every woman traveller needs to be prepared for.

Drive Your Own Destiny [VIDEO]

By , 15 September 2017

Manal tells her story of hope and overcoming your own fears to stand up to a Kingdom of men, intimidation, oppression and self-doubt.

Travel Trends: 2019 & Beyond

By , 20 April 2019

As a senior lecturer who’s passionate about tourist and guest behaviour, it came as no surprise that Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore would tackle travel trends and the effect it has on women at ZafigoX 2...

ZafigoX 2019 Recap: Doing Your Part For The World You Travel

By , 14 October 2020

The world gives you so much as a traveller, but what are you doing to give back

Getting The Frog Out From Under The Coconut [VIDEO]

By , 15 September 2017

Founder of Zafigo and ZafigoX, Marina Mahathir, shares her experiences travelling and how it has changed her view of herself and the world.

ZafigoX 2019 Recap: Tech To Make The Most Of Your Travels

By , 3 September 2020

Whether it's planning your trip or needing a language translation app, there are gadgets and apps that will make your travels that much better. Here's what Ciara O’Hara of Google Malaysia, and Raywe...

Hello Zafigo Recap: The Ups And Downs Of Solo Travel

By , 21 July 2020

ZafigoX alumni Mei Mei Chu and Priscilla Patrick regale us with tales of their adventures around the world.

A Note From Marina Mahathir On ZafigoX 2020

By , 12 May 2020

Unbelievably, we’re in the eighth week of the Movement Control Order here in Malaysia, a period when we’ve had to adjust our lives in big and small ways.

Marina Mahathir: The Year That Was – 2017

By , 23 December 2017

The year ends, as it always does, and we’re already talking about the next.

Hello Zafigo Session #2 – Hustle From Home: Earn Extra Income Online

By , 23 April 2020

Tune in on Saturday, May 2 at 3PM and listen to Marina Mahathir and Aisha Preece, founder of, discuss the different ways one can earn money online, all from the comfort of your own ho...