Marina M.
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Marina M. thinks she should be invited to design jetplanes to make them more comfortable and user-friendly, having spent years flying with babies and husband in tow as well as alone. She is dreading the advent of mobile phone access on planes because long plane flights are the only time she is totally cut off from everyone else and she likes it that way.

Combating COVID-19: A Message From Marina Mahathir

By , March 16, 2020

A letter from Zafigo's founder, Marina Mahathir on the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia and beyond.

Bhutan: Of Stupas, Dzongs, And Dramatic Landscapes

By , January 13, 2019

A glimpse behind the curtain of the Himalayan nation that is Bhutan.

Marina Mahathir: Zafigo’s #PressForProgress

By , March 8, 2018

As Manal Al-Sharif, one of our top speakers at ZafigoX last year said, “Mobility is a human right....

Marina Mahathir: The Year That Was – 2017

By , December 23, 2017

The year ends, as it always does, and we’re already talking about the next.

ZafigoX – How I Stumbled On A New Way To Empower Women

By , October 25, 2017

Not only do women want information on how to travel safely, smoothly and smartly, but they also want...

This 74-Year-Old Grandmother Has Travelled To Over 65 Countr...

By , July 20, 2017

How many 74-year-old grandmothers do you know who are as adventurous as this?

International Women’s Day 2017 – Be Bold For Change

By , March 1, 2017

People may differ as to what change is needed and how to effect that change. But just about everyone...

Marina Mahathir: How To Travel Together And Remain Friends

By , January 24, 2017

Travelling with friends can be challenging. Marina Mahathir shares her insights on travelling with f...

Marina Mahathir: How To Get The Most Out Of Your VAT Refund

By , October 21, 2016

Watch out for these VAT refund pitfalls when shopping overseas.

Marina Mahathir: The Perks Of Travelling With A Pocket Wifi

By , October 7, 2016

Zafigo's head honcho tried out the Travel Recommends pocket WiFi router on a recent trip and shares ...