Marina M.
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Marina M. thinks she should be invited to design jetplanes to make them more comfortable and user-friendly, having spent years flying with babies and husband in tow as well as alone. She is dreading the advent of mobile phone access on planes because long plane flights are the only time she is totally cut off from everyone else and she likes it that way.

How I Learned To Eat: Marina Mahathir On Food & Family

By , 19 April 2021

From childhood days spent scoffing down ikan kering with rice, to university life filled with days o...

Women In Leadership: Achieving An Equal Future In A COVID-19...

By , 8 March 2021

Every woman is a leader, whether at home, at work, or within their community.

Marina Mahathir On 2020: The Longest And Shortest Year Of Ou...

By , 31 December 2020

Marina Mahathir on taking the (difficult) lessons learnt in 2020 to build on the renewed hope and pr...

Early Detection Saves Lives: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By , 8 October 2020

Fear of cancer can be deadly. Get schooled and get examined. If my mum could go through breast cance...

Women’s Equality Day: Getting A Seat At The Table

By , 26 August 2020

An homage to where we were, how far we’ve come, how far we can go, and how important it is for wom...

Travelling On My Own For The First Time in 1973

By , 16 July 2020

"At that moment, I had to decide what was the least embarrassing option – stay silent and possibly...

Hello Zafigo Session #5 | Trailblazers: Succeeding Your Way ...

By , 19 June 2020

In our fifth edition of Hello Zafigo, we will be talking to Datuk Nicol Ann David and Yuna Zarai to ...

Marina Mahathir: My Travels With Dad

By , 19 June 2020

Broadening childhood horizons and strengthening family bonds through travel.

World Refugee Day: The Unwilling Travellers

By , 18 June 2020

When travel is a necessity that you don’t welcome.

Marina Mahathir’s MCO Diary: How I Fill Up My Day

By , 13 April 2020

A day in the life of Zafigo's founder, Marina Mahathir during the movement control order.