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Marina M. thinks she should be invited to design jetplanes to make them more comfortable and user-friendly, having spent years flying with babies and husband in tow as well as alone. She is dreading the advent of mobile phone access on planes because long plane flights are the only time she is totally cut off from everyone else and she likes it that way.

Marina Mahathir: My Family’s Raya Traditions Then & Now

By , 21 April 2023

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri approaches, our Founder , Marina Mahathir, pens down her thoughts on what this festive season means then and now.

Marina Mahathir’s 2022: Reflecting On The Year That Was

By , 2 January 2023

As the world slowly goes back to the normal we were once starved from, our founder, Marina Mahathir reflects on monumental events events of this year.

Marina Mahathir: The Moment I Knew I Was Malaysian

By , 16 September 2022

Zafigo’s founder, Marina Mahathir, reflects on what makes her Malaysian, and essentially why home will always be Malaysia.

Marina Mahathir On International Women’s Day: How To #BreakTheBias In Malaysia

By , 4 March 2022

Stereotypes come from biases, and for there to be justice and equality for women, we must stand up for ourselves. We need to #BreakTheBias that ‘good’ women are silent and compliant.

Marina Mahathir For Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2022

By , 17 February 2022

Marina Mahathir shares her ideas on the many ways we can brighten up someone’s day with a random act of kindness.

Marina Mahathir: Gearing Up For 2022

By , 1 January 2022

Our founder, Marina Mahathir, pens down her thoughts on what gearing up for 2022 looks like for her.

World Kindness Day: Marina Mahathir On Why It’s Important To Be Helpful

By , 13 November 2021

Our founder, Marina Mahathir pens down her thoughts on why it’s important for us to be kind, and not just on World Kindness Day.

Marina Mahathir: To Stay In Or Head Out? That Is The Question

By , 4 October 2021

Should I stay or should I go? Even as the pandemic turns endemic, this quandary will remain for some time to come. And it applies to all aspects of movement -- dining in, travelling locally, and espec...

Marina Mahathir: Is Travel A Need Or A Want?

By , 12 August 2021

As travel changes and evolves — or in some cases becomes non-existent — I reflect on what this liberty means in the time of COVID-19.

Marina Mahathir’s Pandemic Diaries: Why I Still Wear Makeup At Home

By , 19 July 2021

Glittering gloss, gilded lids, and bright bursts of blush – what’s the point when no one can see any of it? Well, I can.