ZafigoX 2017 — What Our Speakers Have To Say, Day 1 [VIDEO]

Get To Know Our Day 1 ZafigoX Speakers

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Founder, Zafigo

Marina is a writer and activist for women’s rights and HIV/AIDS. As a newspaper columnist, she has written about many injustices Malaysian women suffer. Marina opens the first day of talks by sharing her own travel firsts in a talk, Getting The Frog From Under The Coconut.

Deepti Asthana, Founder, Women of India 

A self-taught photographer, Deepti is a travel addict and a storyteller with her photos. She’s also a Canon India mentro and winner of many accolades including the Youth Photography award from UNESCO. Deepti shares her story and the story of the women she’s met along the way in her talk, Overcoming Expectations & Barriers On Women And Telling Their Stories.

Petrina Thong, Solo Traveller

Petrina once flew to Stockholm on a whim,with only USD200. She made her way home to Kuala Lumpur by hitchhiking and now works as a freelance scriptwriter so when the urge to leave hits, she can jet off anytime. Petrina recounts the tales of her adventures in her talk, Hitchhiking From Sweden to Malaysia: Of Money, Men, And Misconceptions.

Özge Elif Özer, Consultant & Traveller 

Elif is the current Head of Special Projects for Tune Talk Sdn. Bhd. She has lived in six different countries and travelled across over 30 more. She believes travelling alone is empowering, and that it makes you question everything you have been taught. Elif shares her tales of growing up, escaping patriachy, and womanhood in her aptly titled talk Turkey, Turkish Delights, Menstrual Cycles.

Brendan Ó Sé, iPhone Photographer of The Year

A fine art and iPhone photographer, Brendan has won awards in prestigious international competitions and exhibits his work around the world His work was even a part of the original Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6 in 2015. Brendan offers practical information about how to use a tool we’re all familiar with, the smartphone, in his talk, Amazing Smartphone Photography.

Dr. Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Women Travel Researcher 

Catheryn is an international expert on women and children in tourism. She has recently co-published two books and her work has been published in international journals. Catheryn she tackles topics such as Women, Wanderlust & Wellbeing in her talk.

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Zafigo is dedicated to the woman traveller, offering tips, guides and insights to make travel – be it for work or leisure – better, safer and more interesting. Focusing on selected cities in Asia and the Middle East, we also serve as a platform and community for women to share their experiences and knowledge with fellow travellers.

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