Amy is addicted to books and travel, which fits perfectly into her BKK NGO-employee lifestyle. She likes relaxing in a café with a book just as much as she likes exploring a new city, meaning she's perpetually happy on vacation but easily distracted the rest of the time.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Chiang Mai, Thailand

By , 8 June 2017

A gateway for tourists making their way to treks, elephant sanctuaries or motorbike routes through the northern mountains, Chiang Mai is a must-see destination for any visitor to Thailand looking for ...

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Koh Samet, Thailand

By , 24 May 2017

Craving some time away from the concrete jungle? If you’re travelling in Bangkok and would like to balance the urban excitement with some chill-out time, consider heading to a nearby island.

Sweet Home Bangkok: 7 International Dessert Chains Every City Wants

By , 7 April 2017

In addition to traditional Thai treats and Western cakes, these world-famous chains are also making their mark on the local culinary scene.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Luang Prabang, Laos

By , 24 November 2016

For many travelling throughout Asia, you’ll hear time and time again about how beautiful Laos is but also about how difficult it is to visit.

13 Hottest New Dishes in Bangkok You Should Be Eating Instead Of Tom Yam

By , 3 September 2016

Lay off the tom yam goong and venture into the finer side of Bangkok’s culinary scene.

Understanding The Stunning Art Of Thailand’s Temples, Mosques & Churches

By , 22 August 2016

Learn a little about religious art in Thailand before you go.

The Best Websites To Meet New People In Bangkok

By , 15 July 2016

Whether you’re passing through or staying, check out these online channels and make new friends.

Discovering The Capital Of The Ancient Kingdom of Siam In A Day

By , 13 June 2016

Ayutthaya offers an escape into Thailand’s history.

4 Tips To Make Swimsuit Shopping Less Painful & More Fun

By , 2 June 2016

Shopping for the right bathing suit shouldn't leave you feeling bad about yourself.

What We Loved About Bangkok’s First Boutique Workout Studio

By , 29 April 2016

Bangkok’s first boutique indoor cycling, boxing and yoga studio believes that music is what gets everyone moving. We check out 4 of their workout classes.