Amy Lewis is a freelance journalist from Ireland currently finding her way around South East Asia. Along with exploring new countries and cultures, she is extremely passionate about nature and spends a lot of her time abroad simply sitting and listening to the birds.

Stopping Animal Cruelty In Its Tracks

By , 6 June 2018

If it involves animal shows and performances, there’s a red flag there right away. Animals should not be made to perform.

How To Cut Costs Now To Travel Later

By , 29 May 2018

Most of us can’t afford to quit our day jobs for a life on the road, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the world.

Asia’s Best Summertime Festivals 2018

By , 16 May 2018

Over the next few months, countries across Asia will spring to life as music, cultural, and food festivals kick off. Here's a taste of the summertime festivals out there!

What It’s Really Like Working Remotely In Asia

By , 1 May 2018

Every day is unique. It becomes hard to imagine going back to a regular nine-to-five back at home, after you've experienced working remotely in Asia.

Sustainable Watersports: Diving Without Destruction

By , 20 April 2018

Recent research shows that marine tourism is one of the most rapidly growing tourism sectors globally!

Tips For Victims Of Theft While Travelling

By , 15 April 2018

Did you know that over thirty per cent of all claims in regards to travel insurance are for items that have been lost or stolen?

The Definitive Guide To Avoiding Penang’s Tourist Traps

By , 8 February 2018

If you wander around Penang hard enough, you might just find that the local island life is vastly different than the tourist island life.

7 Dos And Dont’s To Help You Succeed As A Digital Nomad

By , 28 January 2018

While the idea of working remotely is getting more popular, there’s more to being a digital nomad than sitting blissfully on a laptop by the beach.

2017’s Most Epic, Talked-About Travels

By , 26 December 2017

Every now and then, you'll hear about an epic journey that makes you want to book your next trip right away.

What I Learned From Visiting Thailand’s Famous Elephant Sanctuaries

By , 22 November 2017

"We learned about their former lives as logging and riding elephants, including the horrendous 'spirit-breaking' process."