Are you the sort who keeps an eye out for those extra long weekends to maximise your leave for an epic and long holiday? Don’t feel bad, we do it too! Whether it’s a summer break, gap year, a sabbatical, or a digital nomad lifestyle, long-term travel is a thrilling venture. And one to be looked forward to! However, it requires more extensive preparation than a typical vacation to ensure your journey goes smoothly. Below are crucial steps you should take before embarking on a long-term travel adventure.

Obtain comprehensive travel insurance

One of the essential steps in preparing for long-term travel is obtaining a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Providers such as UHC Travel Insurance can help safeguard you against a multitude of unforeseen circumstances that could affect your journey.

Most travel insurance plans typically covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations or delays, lost or stolen luggage, and more. When choosing a policy, consider your travel plans and potential risks. Remember, when traveling long-term, the probability of encountering hiccups increases, making a comprehensive insurance plan critical.

Take care of health matters

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Before travelling, it’s essential to ensure that you’re in good health. Schedule a check-up with your doctor to verify your health status and discuss any necessary vaccinations based on your travel destination(s). Also, ensure you have enough prescription medication to last your journey or know how to access it abroad.

Moreover, check the health services available in your destination countries, and understand how to access emergency medical care if required.

Handle your finances

Making sure your finances are in order includes informing your banks about your travel plans to avoid having your cards blocked due to suspicious foreign transactions. Additionally, explore international charges that might be applicable and consider getting a credit card that offers benefits for travelers.

Also ensure you have a budget for your trip and stick to it! Do consider how you will access money while abroad too. It could be wise to have multiple means of accessing funds in case one method fails.

Secure your home

If you own a home, you’ll need to consider who’ll take care of it in your absence. You might need to arrange for someone to check on it regularly or consider renting it out. Ensure all your bills and utilities are taken care of – set up automatic payments or temporarily suspend services if possible.

For those renting, you may want to end your lease or sublet your place. Regardless, ensure your personal belongings are secure while you’re away.

Pack thoughtfully

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Packing for long-term travel can be tricky; you want to be prepared for different situations, but also avoid overpacking. Stick to essentials and remember that you can purchase items along the way. Consider the climates of your destinations, the activities you plan to do, and any cultural norms that might affect your wardrobe choices.

Stay connected

If you plan to work while travelling or simply want to stay connected with your loved ones, ensure you have reliable ways to access the internet. Research about local SIM cards or portable WiFi devices. Don’t forget to inform your loved ones about your travel plans and how they can contact you.

Prepare for the unexpected

Long-term travel comes with a level of uncertainty, and it’s essential to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Have copies of important documents and keep digital versions as well. Learn some basic phrases in the languages of your destination countries and familiarise yourself with local customs and etiquette. Bon voyage!