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So you’ve started meditating and virtually working out from home, now what? There are 24 hours in a day and only that many hours you can meditate or exercise for. The lockdowns and movement control orders around the world due to COVID-19 can be frustrating, but there is still much to remain grateful for; such as the fact that you can use this time at home to dabble in activities you’ve always wanted to try. Or step completely out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you would.

Sometimes, you may even surprise yourself at how easily you find a passion for an activity you barely know about or at how easily you can succeed in creative endeavours thought only for ‘true artists’.

Naturally, many activities require equipment, but luckily for you, these ones require little-to-no tools. And, even if they do, you can always get yourself stocked up online:

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Create a collage

Okay, collaging requires some tools, but you’ll definitely have these lying around your house. What you need are old magazines, paper, scissors, and glue. If you don’t have glue, tape will do. There aren’t really any instructions for this activity, just to have fun and see where your creativity can take you. Who knows, you might be the next Andy Warhol!

Throw a paint party

Have an art jam at home. This one’s especially useful if you have kids and want to keep them (and yourself) entertained – it’s fun for the entire family! If you don’t like huge messes, preferring to paint in peace, then make this an activity to do solo. If you already own painting equipment, let this serve as a gentle reminder for you to pick up that brush and remember why you bought that painting set in the first place.

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Still looking for productive activities? Why not head back to school and start some online courses: Back To School While On Home Quarantine

Hang up the plants

If you’re a fan of interior design or just home décor in general, why not spruce up your living quarters? Macramé hangers for plants are all the rage and much, much simpler to make than you would expect. This video isn’t even three minutes long and explains it easily. You can use almost any type of string for macramé, but nylon, silk, cotton, leather, and satin rayon are said to be ideal. If you feel the string you’ve got is flimsy, just double the amount stated for durability. Also, if you don’t own any pots, remember that we’re getting creative so use a shot glass or bowl!

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Make your own scrubs

Go on, admit it – you’ve been taking longer than usual in the shower contemplating life with all this extra time. Since you’re spending lots of time in the bathroom, why not make your time in there sweeter with a sugar scrub? All you need is brown or white sugar, any carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.), and a scent to it. An essential oil or even freshly squeezed lemon juice will do the trick. If you don’t own any essential oil and can’t be bothered buying a singular lemon, you can just enjoy how smooth your skin feels sans the sweet smell.

Grow an edible garden

If you want to ensure an endless supply of food (well, certain food depending on your preferences) then why not grow your own? With Lazada and other online shopping platforms still active, you can have seeds, soil, and trays delivered to you within days. Many major supermarkets also sell live plants like basil and chilli that you can tend to at home.

Wheatgrass is highly recommended as it detoxifies the liver and alkalises the body, boosting the immune system, and only takes nine days to be ready! All you need to do is set aside a small amount of space – a section on your balcony, tiny corner in your garden, or even along your kitchen’s windowsill.

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