Let’s talk about a cool feature that will be introduced on the Kajang MRT Line — the women-only carriage! Yes, you read that right! Soon you can enjoy a comfortable and safe train ride without worrying about any unwanted or uncomfortable experiences.

First things first, why is having a women-only carriage a big deal? It’s all about creating a better environment for women while commuting. Let’s face it, public transportation can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, especially during rush hour. Having a designated carriage for women helps to alleviate some concerns and ensures that women can travel without feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

The women-only carriage is not only about safety; it’s also about convenience. We all know that women often carry bags or have strollers to manage while travelling. A real game-changer is a designated space where you can comfortably manage your belongings without worrying about bumping into someone or feeling like you’re in someone’s way.

Anthony Loke, Malaysia’s Minister of Transport, said a test run would be done, and he would reveal the implementation date soon. He did, however, point up that the MRT will face more difficulties than the KTM Komuter in bringing the ladies’ coach idea to fruition.

He explained that the MRT and LRT are fast, frequent services, while the KTM Komuter travels a longer distance with fewer stops. Each of the MRT and LRT lines has four carriages, whereas the KTM Komuter has six, with one reserved for female passengers. It will be difficult for the MRT to run efficiently with four coaches, one of which is reserved for female passengers.

And because it is a transit, the flow of customers is rapid and difficult to regulate. Nonetheless, he promised that they will make an effort to provide the service, noting that they are aware of the demand from female passengers for such an amenity. 

In an effort to better serve its 60% female riders, KTM Komuter introduced the ladies coach on 28 April 2010. The ‘Coach for Ladies Only’ label is displayed in pink on the outside and inside of the women-only coaches, and there are also designated waiting rooms.