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Cuti-Cuti Selangor: 5 Nature Retreats You Won’t Have To Rentas Negeri For

By , 27 December 2021

These five nature retreats in Selangor are the best of them all, and you don’t even have to rentas negeri (cross state borders) to marvel at their beauty.

Dine In The Sky: Malaysia’s 13 Best Rooftop Restaurants

By ,, 21 December 2021

Feast on good eats, fun drinks, and a great view at one of these 13 rooftop restaurants. They’re the perfect location for when you’re feeling fancy.

10 Luxury Yachts That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

By , 21 September 2021

Whether it’s just to ‘cuci mata’ or inspire you to hustle a little (or a lot) harder, here are some rather amazing luxury yachts.

6 Architectural Marvels You’ll Only Find In Selangor

By , 17 September 2021

Selangor is filled with many architectural marvels. Think uniquely designed buildings inspired by local heritage, beliefs, and local history.

10 Of Asia’s Most Stunning Train Trips

By , 6 September 2021

If stunning panoramic landscapes of untamed nature is what you so desire once restrictions lift, then consider hopping aboard one of Asia’s 10 most scenic train journeys.

KL’s 11 Most Deliziosio Pizza Places

By , 3 September 2021

Eager to eat in? Or perhaps you’re sticking to deliveries. Whatever you choose, these are some of the best pizzas in the city of Kuala Lumpur (KL) just waiting to be devoured.

5 Of Selangor’s Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cafés

By , 24 August 2021

Have we entered Phase 2 yet? These five aesthetically pleasing cafés in Selangor are a must-visit for their unique (and totally Instagrammable) décor and good food.

8 Sheroes From The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

By , 16 August 2021

As inspiring as all the athletes of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games were, these eight women Olympians sure stood out. From being the youngest gold medallists to being the first to win an Olympic gold for...

Busy Buying Books? Get Extra Discounts At BookXcess With This Code

By , 6 August 2021

Zafigo partners with Malaysia’s leading book retailer, BookXcess, for a special discount you won’t want to miss out on!

Spot The Difference: 3 Ways To Identify Real Batik

By , 2 August 2021

Learn to distinguish between real and fake batik in these three ways lest you fall for a dupe! Yes, it happens. (All photos courtesy of Batik Boutique) Subscribe to our new Telegram channel for the ...