Dine In The Sky: Malaysia’s 10 Best Rooftop Restaurants

Fuego at Troika Sky Dining/Facebook

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On a special day or simply whenever you’re feeling fancy, look for a restaurant to suit the vibe. After all, with dining-in finally allowed for those who are fully vaccinated, you’re going to want to go big or go home. And by this, we mean to opt to go sky dining. While good food is always expected, a great view is a bonus — especially for the ‘Gram. Here we’ve curated a list of the 10 best rooftop spots in Malaysia just for you.

1. Fuego at Troika Sky Dining, KL

Fuego at Troika Sky Dining/Facebook

For a dose of amazing Mexican fare, head over to Fuego at Troika Sky Dining right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL). The bar and restaurant offers a spectacular view of the city. Towering KLCC looks massive and is just a stone’s throw away from Fuego. It’s the perfect setting, really —  scrumptious food, fancy beverage in hand, Berries Pavlova for dessert, and the Twin Towers glittering in all their resplendent glory. 

A must-try and personal favourite dish here would have to be their fall-off-the-bone lamb ribs that’t the perfect marriage of sweet and savoury. Of course, you need to have it with their sides of signature guacamole and pressed potatoes, creating a whole party in your mouth.

2. Cielo, KL

Cielo Sky Dining & Lounge/Facebook

Nestled high atop the Vida Bukit Ceylon Residence is arguably the best charcoal grill restaurant in the city. Cielo KL offers all kinds of cuisine, steaks, and seafood,ranging from Japanese tuna to Patagonian toothfish. 

You’ll also get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of KL unfold before you as you sip on some cocktails, engage in fun chatter with the ladies, and indulge in their sumptuous food. IWe also recommend arriving at sunset for a perfect start to the evening. 

3. Envi Skydining, KL 

Envi Skydining/Facebook

Feed the void in your tummy with Mediterranean cuisine, and your eyesight with KL’s beautiful vista at Envi Skydining. Sitting at 36 floors high with the Petronas Twin Towers appearing to be within your reach you can unwind in the sky as the city continues bustling below you. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to devour a Greek platter, some Italian pizzas and bruschetta, while you’re taking in the view.

4. Dinner In The Sky, KL

Dinner in The Sky Malaysia/Facebook

A unique dining concept where you’re strapped to your seats together with the dining table, elevated high into the air by a crane as a stunning view of the city heaves into sight. Dinner In The Sky is an experience unlike any other, and we’ll go so far as to say it’s pretty magical. 

Even if you suffer from acrophobia, it’s still recommended as you’ll be safely secured to your seat. All meals served are specially curated by a top-rated chef in KL and (hopefully) will make you forget about your fears.  

5. THIRTY8 by Grand Hyatt, KL

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur/Facebook

The blocked ears and anxiety-inducing elevator ride to the 38th floor of KL’s Grand Hyatt will pay off once you reach the restaurant because your only reaction will be a dropped jaw. As soon as the elevator doors open, you’ll be greeted to the most ravishing cityscape and opulent décor of THIRTY8

The top notch service and location is made even better with an amazing offering of Japanese, Chinese, and Western fare for you to choose from. It’s also a great place for an afternoon tea with the ladies if you don’t choose to come by for dinner. 

6. Marini’s on 57, KL

Marini’s On 57/Facebook

Marini’s on 57 is at your service to serve your Italian cravings. Its stellar fine dining experience has also bagged a sky-high reputation among Malaysians as well as tourists. Luxuriate in the elegant interior, authentic Italian cuisine, and most importantly, the unsurpassed scenery through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows — perfect to celebrate any occasion and make it an unforgettable evening. 

7. JEN Johor Puteri Harbour by Shangri-La, Johor 

JEN Johor Puteri Harbour by Shangri-La/Facebook

Don’t miss out on the far-reaching panorama of the Straits of Johor if ever you’re in town, because it is astounding. Picture dining in Malaysia’s weather at its finest — warm and windy — while the faint blue skies slowly turn redder and softer just as the sun bids good night. We recommend dropping by JEN Johor Puteri Harbour  during sunset hour to enjoy this magical time by the poolside, overlooking the many moored boats and yachts in the harbour. 

8. Pampas Sky Dining, Melaka 

PAMPAS Sky Dining/Facebook

Moving down south from KL, the famous steakhouse, Pampas, settles comfortably on level 41 of Swiss Residence in central Melaka. Pampas Sky Dining features a wide and unobstructed 360o view of the city, so you’ll get to catch sight of the eminent Melaka River while you gorge on their juicy and succulent steaks. 

9. Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant Skybar, Penang


If dining at a revolving restaurant that shows you the scenic George Town UNESCO World Heritage City and her port piques your interest, you’re going to love this. The Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant Skybar is the only revolving rooftop restaurant and bar on the island, and the best buffet dinner in Penang, putting together authentic Peranakan dishes. While you take delight in the Nyonya and local delicacies, you also get to bask in the breathtaking panoramic prospect of Penang and soak up the cooling tropical sea breeze. 

10. Skybar by The Banjaran, Perak

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh Malaysia/Facebook

Up north and isolated from the town centre is Skybar by the luxurious Banjaran Hotsprings in Perak. The view it offers is vastly different than the usual concrete jungle of tall buildings, offering you nothing but lush greenery. Skybar’s views are a sight for sore eyes as it’s located in a 30-foot high terrace above the Steam Cave, in the midst of seemingly boundless caves, miraculous limestone hills, and hot springs. Instead of the sounds of busy streets, you’ll also be serenaded by the sounds of nature as you enjoy thirst-quenching cocktails and mocktails, or even some tea for soothing. 

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