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Some Good COVID-19 News: The Malaysians Rallying Behind Frontliners

By , 20 April 2020

Individuals and businesses have realigned their purpose and turned to producing essential items needed by the medical community and other frontliners during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Parks & Indoor Recreation: Bringing The Great Outdoors Into Your Home

By , 27 March 2020

Whether you’re looking for a little at-home workout inspiration or just getting a little bored of reading and watching movies, here are a few ways you can experience the great outdoors right in your...

Host Remote Movie Nights With Your Friends Across The Globe

By , 26 March 2020

With the Netflix Chrome extension, you and your friends can watch movies and TV shows together, and all without breaking the self-isolation or social distancing orders.

Langkawi, Malaysia To Waive Hotel Room Fees For 6 Months

By , 11 March 2020

Effective 4th March 2020, the Kedah state government has agreed to waive hotel room fees for all hotels in Langkawi in an initiative to boost the tourism sector in the state.

Malaysia Ranks First For Solo Female Muslim Travellers

By , 20 December 2019

A joint report by Mastercard and halal-travel authority CrescentRating has named Malaysia as the world’s most welcoming country for solo female Muslim travellers.

Angkor Wat Elephant Rides Finally Come To An End

By , 16 December 2019

Cambodia's hugely popular archaeological park in Angkor Wat is putting an end to its much-maligned elephant rides.

2019: The Rise Of Tourism Tax

By , 7 April 2019

Don’t be part of the problem that prompts nations to impose a tourism tax.

12 Game Of Thrones Locations Fans Should Visit

By , 13 March 2019

Game of Thrones locations that features stunning natural beauty and terrifyingly extreme weather conditions (that you should visit!).

7 Rooftop Pools To Check Out In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By , 5 February 2019

To be honest, we see no reason to ever leave these rooftops.

Airbnb Wants To Pay You To Live In Italy

By , 18 January 2019

Airbnb is offering everyone a chance to win a paid three-month sabbatical in Italy, where you'll live like a local, learn Italian (hopefully), and study the art of traditional pasta making.