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Kira loves travelling, music, would bleed for Manchester United, and has a weirdly intimate relationship with pizza (don’t ask). She wonders too often if she could one day just wake up at a different time, in a different place, as a different person.

Malaysia Ranks First For Solo Female Muslim Travellers

By , December 20, 2019

A joint report by Mastercard and halal-travel authority CrescentRating has named Malaysia as the wor...

Angkor Wat Elephant Rides Finally Come To An End

By , December 16, 2019

Cambodia's hugely popular archaeological park in Angkor Wat is putting an end to its much-maligned e...

2019: The Rise Of Tourism Tax

By , April 7, 2019

Don’t be part of the problem that prompts nations to impose a tourism tax.

12 Game Of Thrones Locations Fans Should Visit

By , March 13, 2019

Game of Thrones locations that features stunning natural beauty and terrifyingly extreme weather con...

7 Rooftop Pools To Check Out In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By , February 5, 2019

To be honest, we see no reason to ever leave these rooftops.

Airbnb Wants To Pay You To Live In Italy

By , January 18, 2019

Airbnb is offering everyone a chance to win a paid three-month sabbatical in Italy, where you'll liv...

Chilling Tales Of Haunted Spots In Malaysia

By , October 30, 2018

Feeling in the mood for a little horror? Read all about the scary spots in Malaysia that, rumour has...

10 Must-Visit Glamping Spots In Malaysia

By , October 3, 2018

For the uninitiated, glamping is, quite simply, luxurious camping. And we've compiled a list of loca...

Is Lombok Safe To Travel To Right Now?

By , August 22, 2018

Lombok-Bali area, is one of the world’s most visited tourist hotspots. But is it safe to visit?

6 Not To-Be-Missed Water Parks in Asia

By , July 27, 2018

Island getaways are the perfect means to feed a marine addiction, but what about those daredevils wh...