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An East Malaysian native who now calls Petaling Jaya home, when not writing Erna is eating, harassing her dog and cat or Tweeting. Mostly eating.

Check-ins: Pacific Express Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

By , September 18, 2015

Pacific Express Hotel offers great value and comfort while its strategic location makes it a worthy ...

Check-ins: Qliq Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

By , September 16, 2015

What does a ladies-only floor of a hotel offer? Well, we hopped on over to Qliq Damansara to find ou...

Recommended Apps

By , September 10, 2015

RapidKL public transit app The RapidKL public transit app is a helpful guide for routes, helping you...

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By , September 9, 2015

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How To Deal With Inappropriate Drivers In A Foreign Country

By , September 9, 2015

Getting into a car driven by a stranger is a calculated risk, especially for women. Whether it's a t...

Health & Emergencies Information For Kuala Lumpur

By , September 7, 2015

What to do and where to go should you require medication or medical attention in Kuala Lumpur.

Dangers & Annoyances To Avoid In Kuala Lumpur

By , September 6, 2015

Learn how to stay safe in Kuala Lumpur by knowing the common dangers and annoyances to look out for....

All You Need To Know About Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

By , September 5, 2015

Practical advice about navigating the Kuala Lumpur public transportation system from a local.

How Much Money To Carry In Kuala Lumpur & More Info

By , September 4, 2015

What to pack, how much money to carry, internet access and other essential information you need to k...

Beyond Best Rates: 3 Things To Look For In A Hotel

By , September 4, 2015

No matter how tempting a discount looks or how much you'll be saving, however, there are other thing...